Foods to Bring to Work

The first time I had an office job, it was right after college and I did NOT do it right. It was with a non profit and was oddly enough having to do with sports and health in low income areas. You would think this would help with my health. It didn’t. I had no idea how to pack lunches anymore and less idea when to say no to all of those foods in the break room.

For years after, I was working in restaurants and while you are always around food, you very seldom get real breaks and when you get off shift you tend to gouge on take out from where ever you were because …hey. Not making any money makes that free shift meal sound like a great idea.

Getting back into office work, I was determined not to let myself go like I did the first time. In fact, I wanted to get even healthier since now I have access to a fridge, freezer and an almost oven. I was determined to ignore the snacks in the break room, the powdered coffee creamers (Ew) and the wafting scent of a WaWa hoogie that the person next to me is eating.

I know that I’m not alone in this. Its so easy to bored eat or fall into old patterns. Its so hard to say no. But at the same time, in an office environment everyone is talking about how they want to loose baby weight and low-key googling Shark Tank Weight Loose pop ups. It’s always a next time mentality.

There is no next time though. Like remembering your reusable cup and shopping bag, this is all about building healthy habits, repeating them over and over again and realizing that when you start something, it is challenging and inconvenient for a few weeks.

For me eating, healthy while at work isn’t an option. Once I get out I race to the gym, like so many plan on doing/ do do. Fueling before is needed and the only way to fuel right is to plan to do that at work. Fueling and eating right is just another part in going to the gym. People always talk about how they are drained and the end of the day and one of the things that does this is not eating right. An over abundance of caffeine and insufficient amount of proper nutrition leads to a dull, tired, overworked feeling just as sure as over working does.

  • Chai seed pudding with berries
  • Roasted nuts
  • Moz & berries
  • Cottage cheese & hot sauce
  • Nori
  • Hummus & veggies
  • Poke Bowl
  • “Egg bowls”
  • Quick Freezer Meals

Things I Keep at My Desk:

Reusable utensils: Bring your own utensils so that you don’t have to use disposables all the time. It can add up and while once in a while isn’t bad…it is.

My water bottle: Being real, my water bottle does go everywhere with me but its far easier than running back and forth to the water cooler constantly

Hot Sauce: I like to put this on cottage cheese but really isn’t this a solution for everything?

Caffeine Free Tea: Like I said, over caffinating is a problem. Yes its the cultural norm to be drinking coffee all day but you do not need to over caffeinated yourself. Most offices keep cold because it keeps your body awake so a hot drink is almost needed. Try switching over after 11 to tea instead.

A Block of Dark Chocolate: To curb the sweets craving. Sometimes we do want this comfort and instead of denying it, it can be better to have an alternative like this instead of your bottom drawer filled with snickers.

My Vitamins/Vitamin Case: I never take my vitamins at home because I tend to go with a smoothie in the morning and if I take them on an empty stomach I tend to get sick. Instead of having bottles, grab one of those little weekly or five day pill cases from the grocery or Vitamin shop.

Nuun Tablets: I tend to take my breaks to take walks about the track that is about a quarter of a mile away from my office. If I had longer then a half hour I might run it but either way its outside and moving…in the middle of summer so Nuun tablets are my go to when I get back.

Random Pro tips:

Bring your own real mug to work so that you actually feel your coffee. You don’t always have to be drinking out of a travel mug.

If you have a fridge, bring your own coffee creamer or coconut/almond/ alternative creamer.

Pick one day a week where you will order with the group if they order out a lot. It will cut back on spending and keep you eating whole, nutritional foods but still enable you to interact with the rest of the group.

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