Autumn Bucket List

Hot girl summer is over! It’s time for Witchy Winter (fall). Fall is one of my favorite seasons and even though the first day of Fall this year was 90 degrees F, I’m hopeful! Something about the temperature dropping and the leafs changing color can just make a girl ready for frolicking outside.

Just like summer, there is so much to do! Boots and sweaters and fall fashion are a must and all of the festivities that come with Halloween and Thanksgiving give you that holiday feel without the pressure of Christmas or any other holidays you celebrate.

Here is my autumn bucket list!

  1. Have a Bon Fire/Roost Marshmallows
  2. Dress Up for Trick Or Treaters
  3. Watch Cheesy Halloween Movies
  4. Wear Furry Boots
  5. Make a Hot Pot of Chili/ Soup
  6. Go To a Haunted House
  7. Make Home Smell Like Fall
  8. Curl Up With a Blanket and a Book on a Rainy Day
  9. Take a Scenic Drive
  10. Do a Fall Beach Clean Up
  11. Hikes/ Trail Runs in the Changing Leaves
  12. Do Something Oktoberfest
  13. Donate Old Summer Clothing You Didn’t Wear This Year
  14. Cut Out a Plastic
  15. Take Part in a Fall Ritual/Moon Bath

Happy fall everyone! Don’t forget to feed your spooks! Feel free to send me pictures or spread this image around and tag me on social media with your fall ventures.

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