Rebuilding Your Nails

After having had acrylic Nails.

Well, this is a girly post but it is what it is. Growing your nails out in their natural form is about as hard as it was to grow out my pixie cut. It was a challenge for sure and there were times where I just wanted to throw in the towel, go back to Mindi at the salon and just let her put that acrylic right back on.

But I didn’t and now I have strong, natural, beautiful nails. Yes from time to time one does break or chip and I have to file them but in the end its worth it not to have to go every other week to get them filled.

Step One (30 minutes to an Hour)

First things first, make sure to get them taken off AT the salon. Yes they might try and talk you out of it, but stand firm. Getting them taken off properly prevents damage to the nail bed. Taking them off involves the nail being soaked in acetone and then buffing any of the extra acrylic from the nail. Don’t rip them off or they will take off parts of your nail with it. It can be painful and not come off entirely which will just make the process of growing them out longer.

Step Two (One Month)

Next let your nails do their own thing for a while. Your nails are going to be soft from the filing down and dehydrating that is involved with acrylic nails. Its tempting to run to the nail hardeners right away but try giving them a month before going to that.

Like said before, the reason why your nails are so breakable is because they are dehydrated. Make sure that you are putting on lotion every time you wash your hands or get them wet. I also used castor oil on my nails and cuticles. Using the dropper, you can rub them in or you can use a cleaned out, empty nail polish bottle and brush it on every night. Popping a biotin is also super helpful for anything beauty related, including regrowing your claws. During this stage I suggest keeping them trimmed short. Primarily because they are going to break off anyway.

Step Three (Two-Four Months)

After a month you will most definitely see a change and growth. You can physically see the ridge where the new nail is verse where you had them sanded down under the acrylics. Now is the time that you can start to use a nail hardener. I prefer a brand called “nail magic” that I get at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Your nails might still be a bit brittle as they grow in so give them time and try not to use anything corrosive on them like acetone.

Continue to use Castor oil on them and keeping them moisturized for the next 3-4 months as that can be how long it takes for them to grow out.

Never forget too that much of nail and hair strength has to do with diets and genetics. In the end you might just have brittle nails and like some of use will never have silky beautiful straight locks, we all wont be able to grow our nails out like a pintrest model.

Unlike some other sights, I do not recommend going and getting Gel put on your abused nails. Yes it might make them look pretty for a moment (2 weeks) but if your goal is to go natural, you’re really just keeping yourself on the band wagon going with gel.

Post Growth

Continue to love on your nails and hands. I take far too much time and even as you can see, mine are gown out, I still put oil on them at least every other day as part of my bed time routine and love on them as much as possible.

The most important key here is to be patient. Its hard and I wont lie and say I haven’t been tempted to go back and get those long talons put back on…starting the entire process over again. But in the end its about getting back to your natural nails. Mine helped me stop picking and biting at them and honestly (Not to jinx myself) this is the longest mine have every gotten without me chewing them off and then have never felt stronger.

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