Things to Do on Friday The 13th

Its today. It also happens to be the day of the full moon is you wanted to add onto it. I know, you probably didn’t notice until someone pointed it out to you but today is the worst lucked, creepiest day of the year! Which for some of us is a time of infinite possibilities.

To really understand what Friday the 13th is though and why it is considered the most unlucky day of the year, we have to take a quick look at the two separately. Friday is supposedly the day that Jesus was Crucified on and is generally considered a day of penance (Or at least used to be). Like so many Judo Catholic things, it spilled over into most aspects of culture and while it is no longer considered a day for abstaining, it is still considered a day where no new projects and the like should be started.

As for the number 13 being unlucky, yet again in the legends of Britian and Ireland, in the 1690’s there came about the superstition that it was unlucky to have 13 people seated around a table, as it was the amount of people present at the Last supper. Funnily enough, it is also considered bad luck because in Germanic folklore it was also considered the amount of witches that you needed to actually start a coven.

During the Victorian age people happened to become intrigued by avant-garde folklore and decided to smoosh the two together to create a power house of double bad luck.

So what can you do today besides hide in your house from people generally being nuts?

  1. Go camping somewhere spooky: Who doesn’t want to be part of a little Murder Pack in the woods? Pull out your flashlight and start a fire. Tell some ghost stories or murder stories around the camp fire to get you going for the night while checking out a new place and enjoying the outdoors before it starts getting really cold.
  2. Get a hair cut: Risky to yourself on the unluckiest day of the year? yes. but there is also a superstition to flick your finger at saying if you get a haircut on black Friday, a loved one will meet a tragic end.
  3. Make a Voodoo Doll: I mean…if it worked in The Craft why not!?
  4. Go on a paranormal tour: Most cities or towns have somewhere “Haunted”. Being in the North East in a pretty historic city, there are tons of ghost tours and paranormal tours going on all year round. Today is the perfect time to induldge in one. Even if you dont have a “Tour” why not round up your Scooby Gang and check out that creepy house at the end of the street with the shrunken heads in it or the abandon well in the basement?
  5. Adopt a Black Cat or Dog: If you wanted to adopt and black cat (Or dog) now is the time. Black cats are often seen as bad luck and because of this there has been a movement for at least a decade, to make sure that they are treated well and find good homes this time of year. If you do have one…or any animal really, make sure that you keep them indoors tonight. Some people are cruel. if you are looking to adopt, now is that time to bring these balls of affection home!
  6. Have a Scary Movie Marathon: Okay so maybe not super scary if your dont want to. I like my 1980’s Camp Blood and what not but there is something to be said for a movie like Hocus Pocus! Besides, isn’t it the time of the year where you want to start getting into the spirit?
  7. Cleanse your home: Sage it. Salt it. Feug Sway it. Do whatever you feel will create the best energy for the space that you are in.

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