Why & How To Have a “Positive Running Day”

I am type A and chances are if you are a runner or a distance athlete, you probably have a little type A in you too. There are a million reasons I could write about how being type A is a great thing (we plan, we get goals and because of that, we grow) but that’s an entirely different post.

Type A has a lot of jokes around it and most people have heard a few of the drawbacks too, but the truth is that we are just goal oriented and driven people who just want to do our best all the time. There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes in the peak of our goals, connecting back to why we love something can get lost in the numbers.

Listening to a trail running podcast (Yes another one) I was brought back to thinking about how what we say aloud manifests when put into words outside of our heads and into open air. Running can often be one of those challenging things that combines our love with our love of pushing ourselves, which can quickly become something frustrating (like me right now not running nearly as fast as I was last year) and overwhelming. Getting back to a positive mind set can feel like an uphill battle when we are trying to go…well, literally uphill in some workouts.

A solution to this? I propose a group “Positive” running day. The rules are as follows:

  • Squad up- gather up your run dudes and chicas and make sure they are down for this little adventure. It shouldn’t be hard. Run bros/ chicas are notoriously cool and down for anything. Make sure everyone knows the rules and comes ready for a positive running experience that doesn’t focus on time or hitting your typical mile stones.
  • No complaining- I don’t care if its too hot. I don’t care if its too cold. I don’t care if you knee hurts a bit or what happened at work this week or what your partner did. Zero complaining.
  • No swearing- Yes swearing can be funny and honestly I am one of the most guilty people I know. But they are negative words and this run is about drilling any negativity from these few hours.
  • 1 Mile Gratitude- for every mile or loop, everyone must say something positive. It can be about the run, about each other, about a mutual friend, work, anything really. If you are having problems building a positive conversation, this is a great place to start.

The purpose of these rules are simple and straightforward but still powerful. When we speak words of negativity out loud, we are manifesting them. Giving them power is something that we shouldn’t be doing on a run. I actually find this to be most helpful on a long run because most of us aren’t focused on time during it anyway. Its a good way to keep motivated all the way through too, most of all when you start getting into those last miles.

Negative self talk is just as damaging as an injury, maybe even more.

Let me know if any of you try or have tried a version of these positivity runs. I would love to hear some other peoples experience with positivity in running.

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