5 S’s to Sustainable Change

Even with the biggest and the most daunting goals, everything can be broken down. Its something that you are always told but never told exactly how to do. There are just five simple S words that can help making change happen and making it stick.

Always remember that you can make a positive change in our life. You don’t have to do a total overhaul and improving doesn’t mean that you aren’t happy with yourself. In fact it is that idea of rapid and radical change that produce the most failure ( which is not exactly the worst thing) or more disheartening, the thing that causes the most relapse.

Improvement means that you know that there is more that you want to do, more to learn. It is when we stop trying to learn that we become stagnant in life.


On a Scale of 1-10 how likely is it that you can do this for the next 2 weeks? If its less than an 8, make it more simple. You should be able to reach this small goal easily because it can boost your confidence. It doesn’t have to be super easy but you should be sure that with the other five s words, you can do it.


Break big goals into smaller parts. Know exactly what those segments are and how you are going to achieve them. Map out your plan so that you aren’t lost when it comes to move forward.

Say you want to go from a sofa to a marathon. Well that starts with getting out the door. First run for time, than a 5k, than a 10k, than a half marathon. Dont just throw yourself from not running to a marathon.


Do things in steps and work up to the next step. Skipping around from goal to goal, trying to take on project after project can be exhausting and draining. Focus on step one. Don’t move on to step two until you finish step one. Don’t move on to step three until you finish step two. Ect.

All of these of course, apply to more than just athletics. It applies to writing, your career and anything else that you want to get to as well. You aren’t going to start your own restuarant before learning how to do the books or working in one first. You aren’t going to publish a novel before finishing the first draft. You aren’t going to get a better position in your company before showing just how reliable and talented you are in this one. Dont try and jump. Focus on what is right in front of you first.


Learn how to do things in a way that will make getting to your goals easier. You don’t have to make your life hard because you are trying to get yourself to a goal. When it comes to eating better this can be as simple as meal prepping or making sure that your fridge is full of healthy food that will encourage you to get to your goals.

Want to work out more? Then pack your gymbag at night and join a gym that is in between your work and your home, not one that is half an hour out of your way.

Work smarter; its already hard enough.


Make sure you have a strong system of support around you. If you have something shitty in your fridge, you or someone you love is going to eat it. Make sure that your family is onboard with your training and with your goals. People who have a strong support system are the ones that really go about getting their goals.

Now you aren’t going to get everyone in the office to use a reusable cup or not eat cheetos in front of you, but you are going to find someone that sympathizes with you or wants to achieve the same goals. Find that person and bond.

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