33 Things I have Learned Before 33

In Honor of my 33rd birthday, I made a list of the things that I have learned in the past 33 years. Some of them took me far more time then they should have but here they are! For the rest of the world to see and learn. Looking forward to the next 33 lessons (And many more)!

  1. Loving yourself is not vain.
  2. The paths of the generation before don’t work for us. Don’t try and replicate them.
  3. You are allowed to be passionate about things.
  4. Stop Explaining yourself. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.
  5. You are not too much. Anyone who says that is not ready for you.
  6. Half of the problems in the world could be solved by acknowledging that people on the other side of a conflict are just doing what they think is right, just like you are.
  7. You cant love someone into being loving back.
  8. Wanting to improve yourself is a form of self love.
  9. Being naked is an important part of self care and self acceptance.
  10. Silence is an answer.
  11. Coffee is not a substitute for sleep.
  12. Your body is yours. No one else has the right to say anything about it without your consent.
  13. Sometimes you will feel things for no apparent reason.
  14. Sometimes there is no reason why and there is no point in asking. Just move on.
  15. Don’t shy away from something that you love to do. You will always find your way back to it.
  16. Life is not a competition or a zero sum game.
  17. Always carry an emergency pack with you.
  18. The only solution is sometimes no solution at all.
  19. Confidence is a practice and takes time and work.
  20. You can be kind but still set boundaries and be firm.
  21. Some people just wont like you and thats okay.
  22. It’s okay to separate from people who don’t add to your quality of life.
  23. There is pleasure in doing things on your own.
  24. Its not always your fault and you don’t always have to fix it.
  25. It’s okay to feel your feelings. They are not a burden.
  26. Normally peoples moods have nothing to do with you. They are acting out something different. You just happen to be there.
  27. Do not be one of the people from 26.
  28. Dress in what makes you feel good. Not whats in fashion.
  29. No progress is done in a straight line.
  30. You don’t always have to have a logical reason for doing things. Do it because you want to. Do it because it’s fun. Do it for the experience.
  31. You still get pimples in your 30’s.
  32. Always be willing to learn something to do.
  33. Once you learn how to cook something, eating out looses its mystery.

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