7 Fun, Affordable Things to do This Weekend

I am so about a good, fun weekend. Not only because its fun, but because in the kind of world that we live in, its needed so that we can be more productive and do the things that we need to do during the week. The problem is that sometimes it can really break the bank to be out and about every weekend.

With last weekends shore fun (Always) and the weekend before being out of state for a wedding, not to mention next weekend being my birthday weekend, I am fully prepared for a low key weekend…at least as much of one as I can have during training season. I am full prepared to do some of the things on this list and just chill and cuddle.

Hit the Farmers Market: Now dont get me wrong. You can most certainly spend way too much money at the farmers market. But you can also mull around, find places around you you didn’t know existed, watch bands or performers and just really connect with your community and town. I am so blessed to not only have my very local (aka walking distance) farmers markets in Bucks County but also to have places like Reading Terminal Market and the Italian market to go at. Most cities will have some kind of local fair (think China town!)

Bike Ride: A easy nice way to be outside, even if you’re not the most athletic type, bike rides are perfect out on your own, romantically or with your family and little ones! The canal paths are great this time of year and after a nice long bike ride, its always fun to stop and grab a drink along the way before turning your bike around and heading back!

Have a DYI Pizza Night: Always a fan of pizza night! Pizza crusts as so easy to make and you can really go wild with them! Pour a glass of wine while they bake and pretend that you are the king of Italy! Last weekend I went nuts over making a white pizza with candied leeks and prosciutto.

Try a new workout class: Mind Body Soul App is a great way to go with these. Try something besides your typical yoga or spin class. There are tons of fun work out ideas floating around. Who knows. Maybe you’ll find your next passion!

Have a Mini Staycation: Ahhhh the great staycation! After all of this out and about things I’m sure you want me to come up with a few that dont involve sweating your butt off. This is always great. Set up a mini spa, grab a book, draw a bath, light some candles and go to town!

Learn to Bar-tend at Home: You’ve gotta get away from just the rum and cokes of your college years. There is something about making a fancy drink. You tube and recipes.com (Also…pintrest for the win) is a great way to learn some new, fun recipes that will make your mouth water and the next people who visit your house feel like the bees knees.

Local events: We seem to think that the only things going on are in the big cities or places that we need to travel too. There are tons of things around most people though. Scoot your nearest local paper, patch site or Facebook group to find wine tastings, outdoor concerts, movie nights, crawls, craft classes and other events while staying withing a 15 minute raduis. You might be surprised how much is happening around you that you didn’t know about.

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