Podcasts You Need

Big Big fan of podcasts over here. I am honestly someone who does not listen to music much while I run. I start to get too worked up and even if I don’t, the shorter length of songs can sometimes make me start to think that my runs are lasting far longer than they actually are.

Over all, I think that every runner should learn how to operate without music. It can feel awkward being unplugged at first but it can be even worse when you get to a race and find out that you forgot to charge your headphones. Or worse they become waterlogged from the rain or some other act of Run God vengeance.

Even getting away from running though, podcasts are a great way to stay up to date and keep learning as you get older and go about your everyday life. Not everyone can take the time or prioritizes the time to sit down and read the latest current events book or take a class. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t be constantly trying to expand your brain bank. Learning is one of the pillars of a well rounded individual and luckily…there are many apps for that.

Enter the giant world of podcasts. They can be listened to on the run, in your car, while you’re making dinner…basically any time. I specifically pay for a Spotify subscription and think that its well worth the $9.99 a month, most of all now since Hulu is included with it. There is a huge range of topics so branch out, explore something new and different. There are so many choices sometimes I go the long route just so that I can listen to a whole podcast or a two-parter.

Clearly not everyone has the same interest but here are a few of my favorites to get you started.


  • Marathon Training Academy
  • Running for Real
  • Marathon Talk
  • Trail Runner Nation

News/ Adulting:

  • The Daily Show Podcast
  • Arm Chair Expert with Dax Shepard
  • Fresh Air
  • Girls Gotta Eat
  • The Daily- New York Times


  • 88 cups of Tea
  • 10% Happier

Continued Learning:

  • Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
  • Milk Street
  • Parklandia
  • The Daily- New York Times
  • How I Built This
  • The Ron Burgundy Podcast

History/ Semi Near History

  • Stuff You Should Know
  • Lore
  • Crime Junkies
  • The Murder Squad
  • Getting Curious

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