Less Waste Bathroom

Convenience has become something that we are more dependent upon than the actual products that we use. When it comes to the less waist movement, the kitchen is the logical first place that we start. It, after all, creates the most waist. But the next room in your house to tackle is the bathroom.

Oddly enough, when trying to make my bathroom less waist, I didn’t have to look far or look back far to find products. Most of the things that our parents and grandparents used are products that create less trash and that we don’t have to replace so readily.

Safety Razor vs Brand Razors.

This one is probably one of the biggest but one of the easiest to solve. It wasn’t long ago (Probably even your mother) that used a safety razor. It’s easy, sustainable and cheaper than those razor cartridge refills that are basically just plastic. The things that hold people back is that they are scared of these razor blades. No the heads aren’t as flexible as one of the brand razors but honestly they are not as dangerous as you think they are. Not just that but ladies, you know when your hair gets stuck in those razors and you have to bang them against a shower wall? No more. Just open the top and rinse out. Plus 100 blades normally cost about 10 dollars. Thats a win.

Bar soap vs Body Wash

You Probably have a bar of soap in your shower anyway. The truth is that there is no reason besides laziness to use a body wash instead of a bar soap. Most of the brands that make body wash make bar wash too. You just have to take the time to lather it. It’s very rare these will irritate your skin and there are sensitive skin types. Just make sure that you get the ones that aren’t wrapped in plastic. This isn’t even including paying attention to the ingredients that you are washing off your skin and down into the ocean. I highly recommend my friend Trail Jenny off Etsy. All natural and beautiful.

Real Luffa/ Wash clothe vs Plastic Floof

Did you know that a loofa is actually a plant? I sure as heck didn’t and I didn’t realize how gentle and lovely they feel on your skin. It’s a deep green fruit. It resembles a large cucumber, ranging from 12-18 inches. You can find them on line, they are completely biodegradable and last much longer than those brightly colored poofs. Woven wash clothes are always a great way to go too. Again, they last much longer and are easier on your skin. You can rewash them and use them again and again.

Shampoo Bar vs. Bottled Shampoo

I have been using Shampoo bars for years. Its just an easy switch and a way to get away from yet another plastic bottle. They are easy to find, natural and smell amazing. Like bar soaps, there are different kinds for different hair types and even conditioner bars. Lush makes amazing ones and even if you do buy products with containers from them, they have a reusing program where you bring them back and they will wash and refill them.

Ear pick vs Cotton Swabs

First of all, you should not be using cotton swabs in your ears. Studies have shown that they push the wax back into your ears and can rupture your ear drum. No matter what you use, don’t use cotton swabs for your health and for the environment. Ear pick sets are cheap, easy to find, better for you and they wont end up with a sea horse wrapped around them.

Bamboo Toothbrush vs regular toothbrushes

This is yet another easy one. They are even talking about selling them at target now. You are supposed to change your tooth brush every three months. Thats four times a year. Factoring 80 years thats 320 toothbrushes. Thats a lot of toothbrushes just sitting there for 400 years. So why switch to Bamboo? Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most intrusive plants you can think of. It grows and grows fast and plentiful. Its also 100 percent biodegradable. in nature it takes 5-10 years to break down. For a home composter, it only takes 4-6 months. So we should use it for as much as we possibly can.

Glass Deo vs Deo sticks

Obviously this is another switch that matters. We need to use deo (At least you should. Have some curtesy!). I switched to Schmidts natural deodorant when I realized how close I was putting antiperspirants close to my glands and how many people in my family were predisposed to cancer. So better for you. Schmidts also makes their deo in glass containers that you can send back into them with a printed out label from their website. Take advantage!

Menstrual Cup vs. Tampons and Pads

This guy, as I have stated in other posts, was a game changer for me. I have always had painful periods, leaks and just… (sorry to guys that are reading this) chunk that sticks to the side of a tampon. Not to mention that there was always a weird odor when using pads and tampons. There was tons of waste, even when I used the ones without the plastic applicators. The worst part is that I didn’t even know a cup was an option. I didn’t even know it existed. Why? Because it lasts 10 years and why would companies let you know you will only have to buy one $26 product in 10 years? Think about making the switch for both your health and the health of the environment and check out my posts on periods to learn more about the health benefits.

Lastly….use what you have first!

Okay so I think that this is something that should go into every post about environmentalism and switching to less or zero waist. The opposite of zero waist isn’t plastic. It’s consumerism. There isn’t a need to go out and buy everything in this post all at once and then just throw away everything in your bathroom. Yes you should make changes. But no, you dont have to toss everything into the trash to do it right now. Use what you have before you go out and buy everything. I have two more razor blades to use before I buy a razor. Be conscious, but don’t be wasteful.

This is something that I see in a lot of people and people doing a lot of judging in the less waste realm. You don’t need to be perfect. Wait until you run out of something and when you do, get a more sustainable option instead.

I would highly recommend the Zero Waste Store to get you started or any of the links above!

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