Deo Verse Antiperspirant

And Why You Should Care

I’m sure that this seems like a stupid thing but, in fact, it’s not. Natural Deo is one of the first things that I switched over to when I started trying to be more healthy, trying to think greener and trying to let my body move towards a more natural state.

It always amazes me how little that we know about as consumers when it comes to our bodies. From things like shampoos the tampons, we are sort of taught that we should trust them. That it would have already been vetted by the FDA or some other agency that is supposed to keep us healthy. Because you know…that’s their job. But never trust that anyone is going to keep you healthy or safe. Check out this post to get the information on whats going on on your skin in depth.

Yes, body odor is a gross topic and, in real life, just as gross and please be considerate of your neighbors. There was a comedian I saw recently who spoke about his daughter and how weird it was that she put her deo under her nose. When the father asked what the heck she was doing she told him she didn’t trust everyone else to wear deodorant. I can’t say that I blame her! Most of all in the peak of summer with a bunch of smelly runners. Yes I’m looking at you guys.

But the body is doing its natural thing and you don’t exactly want to stop such a critical system.

When the body sweats it is trying to cool itself down. It is trying to regulate your body temperature by releasing a salt based fluid from sweat glads in you skin, some of the largest of which are under your arm pits. It can also caused by stress, fear and sickness but lets stick to the normal sweating. If you feel like you are experiencing abnormal sweating, consult your doctor.

Most of the time the odor that we are trying to prevent are caused by bacteria that feast on the fats and proteins in sweat. Keep in mind thought that these bacteria are doing a very important job, just as your glands are trying to do their job by releasing this salt based fluid to regulate your body temperature.

So what is the difference? Deo’s work by minimizing the bacteria that cause odors. They do this in a variety of ways but when you are using a good high quality deodorant, you are letting your body do its job and still letting it cool down. Antiperspirants are typically aluminum based and contain the same properties to minimize the bacteria. But they take it one step further and try to nip it at the source. When the Aluminum comes into contact with the sweat, the PH rises in the aluminum grows and expands, blocking the sweat glands.

It sounds like getting to the root of the problem right? The problem is that our bodies need to sweat. When the sweat glands are blocked, you can over heat within a half and hour. This is why, unlike many things, the FDA “regulates” (I use that term loosely for obvious reasons) Antiperspirants due to the fact that they alter normal bodily function. Also if Aluminum sounds bad to put on your skin…it’s because it is. It is a neurotoxin and can be absorbed, especially though things like razor nicks if you shave. It also has parabens (A toxic preservative in them) which can be adsorbed and can be cancer causing.

Basically, the moral of the story is to not limit what your body naturally needs to do. Most Anti antiperspirants even have a warning on them not to use them before exercising.

So Deodorant it is. I always suggest going for the most natural products that you can because even if you are using a deo, your skin will still absorb whatever is in it by your glands. Its not glamorous and its certainly not something that we want to think about but one of the best things that you can do for your body is let it do its thing. There are different oils like Tea tree oil that have natural anti bacterial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria. Making them is not the hardest thing in the world (Thank you Pintrest yet again) but not all of us have time for that.

Schmidt’s Natural (not a promo or sponsored post.) I personally use because I love the smell of it, its not the most expensive. Plus they use glass jars on some of their products so its better for the environment. When you have six of them you can send it in and get a few jar. It lasts forever too!

The key here is to keep things safe. Let your body do what it needs to do.

7 thoughts on “Deo Verse Antiperspirant

      1. Schmidt’s has that programme where you send them back to them and they reuse them. That was you are sure they are actually getting recycled.

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  1. Thanks for this post. It recently helped me to take the step and try a natural deodorant after many years of using an anti-perspirant. Unfortunately the natural deo didn’t work well and I‘m just trying out a DIY deo, which is great and better than anything that I‘ve bought before.

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    1. You go! I’m so glad it helped. It’s hard to find something that works for you but dyi is even better!!!!! Congrats on the shift!


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