Scandalous Self Care

I talk about nutrition on this blog and how that can take care of your body a lot because…well, because I like food! But there are so many other things out side of food that can effect you; many of which get forgotten about in our hustle and bustle lives.

Here are some of my favorite things to do that have nothing to do with food but will change your health and your life if you let them.

Learn How to Use Battery Saver Mode:

Or airplane mode on your phone. We’ve all seen the research. We all know what too much screen time will do to you. But what about it just being around? Those constant beeps and vibrating through the night will wake us up. Just the beeping now can set off a response that draws us to our phone, even when we are trying our best to ignore it. Yes there are a lot of great things about technology and there is nothing wrong with it….until you cant live without it anymore. Before you go to bed, when you are reading, working or spending time with family, think about turning your phone onto battery saving mode. This way only phone calls will come through instead of pop ups from all of those apps.

Read a Book:

A physical, paper and ink book. It’s something that some people forget about or say that we don’t have time for but the truth is that when you read a book it will challenge different parts of your brain. It will increase your ability to retain information. I’ve always been a big fan of fiction and non fiction. Obviously they both have their benefits. The most important thing is that you enjoy it. Non fiction enables you to really continuously learn, which is obviously something that is stimulating. Fiction isn’t as concrete. But there is something about being able to disappear, to move yourself into a world outside of your own, which really can be helpful for us mentally.

Be Naked:

I mentioned this is my post about Boss Beauty Moves but moving away from the physical effects it can have on your skin, there is also a mental component. Learning how to accept your body and be comfortable in your own skin is something that people have an increasingly hard time doing. Be naked is something that really can help you appreciate your body and accept it and yourself. At first this can be difficult but the more you do it, the more accustomed to seeing your own skin you will be.

Sun Bathe:

Vitamin d? Yes please! There is nothing I like more then getting out into the sun when the weather starts to get nice. We spend so much of our time in doors with work and everything else that sometimes we don’t even spend more then a half an hour a day outside. We are supposed to be out in the sun. Even when it’s not gross and cold out, being inside too much can take on symptoms that resemble Seasonal Affect Disorder. Sometimes even when I’m out running, thats still working out and am not really just basking in it.

Touch Yourself:

Wait wait wait! I’m not talking about just in a sexual way, though yes I do suggest that. Ladies if you don’t have a vibrator, get one. People for the most part need touch. It’s not even a sexual way. Touch is just an important part of being a human. Learn how to self touch; lotioning up, hugging, getting a massage, foam rolling and yes…even using that good old battery powered friend.

Do A Few….At Once:

I know. I’m shocking! But really, if you have a private space you can use outside, consider it. Even if you are in your apartment and have a window you can use without giving your neighbor a show, consider it. Take off your clothes, turn off your notifications, grab a book and soak up that sun! Nothing will make you feel more amazing. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in Germany where people were allowed to be topless at the beach, but there is something completely freeing and natural about taking time for yourself this way.

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