Top 6 Books For Training Season

Trianing season is here! That means alot to alot of runners. It means early mornings, late nights, fighting the heat, burn out, sore muscles, foam rolling and a damn near constant hunger. At least thats what it means for me.

It also has always meant to sudden drop towards the middle. Its so easy to let your mind go when I am focusing on my body. But its something that can really hinder my preformance. It took me a long time to really realize what people meant when they say that running is all in your head. Yes I heard it but I didn’t truly understand until mile 24 of that first marathon.

Books have always been my best friend. Way before running, books were friends, teachers, life lines. Here in this life as an athlete they took on the old but revitalized role. Yes they teach and yes some of them give me metal skills but above all they taught me that even Meb, even Sharlene, even Des have doubts and burn out problems. We as runners all bare witness to the same thing, regardless of if we are running our first 10k or running for the Olympics.

Here are my top six books for marathon training season that will inspire, teach and replenish your soul when you feel so warn out you don’t think you can do that you can make it through that next run.

To Invigorate Your Soul: 26 Marathons By Meb

To Stimulate Your Mind: Stronger By Kara Goucher

To Fill Your Belly: Run Fast, Eat Slow by Sharlene Flanagan

To Cure (Or stimulate) Your WanderLust: Outlandish by Morgan Sjogren

To Help the Niggles: Womens Book of Running by Runners World

To Recover: The Athletes Guide to Recovery By Sage Roundtree

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