My Summer Essentails

Getting away from just our running or our writing stuff, there are things that are essential to the summer that everyone should stock up on regardless of it you are taking a road trip across the country or just chilling in your back yard by the pool.

I am prone to burning and then tanning and there is just something about summer that turns me into a jungle dwelling heathen that wants to take a bath in the ocean or the pool. Needless to say, not the best for skin.

Here are nine my favorites:

Goodr Sunglasses: Love these sun glasses. They are no slip, fun, high quality and not super expensive so if you loose them in the surf its no biggie.

Saint Christophers Metal: The patron saint of travelers and surfers. I cant escape my Catholic upbringing even if I try.

Reef Leather Flip Flops: Nothing beats the soft leather of reefs. they last forever and really only get better with age.

Eco Shag Head Wrap: I love my head wrap. I have three of them actually and they are perfect for when you just get out of the ocean or have to run out without styling your hair. They look like you are being stylist when you really just knew straightening or blowdrying your hair would waste your time.

Reusables kit: Love the ocean? I do. That means I try to cut out whatever plastics I can with reusable cups, a metal straw, a reusable bag, Tupperware for snacks instead of plastic baggies (Or silicon baggie is you can), bamboo flatware and anything else that you can think of that you might use plastics for.

Hydroflask: Dehydration is always a no go. I keep my 32 ounce mango hydroflask on hand all the time with my fav stickers all over it.

Nuun: For hydration. When you sweat, it’s salty. You need to make sure that you are evening that out. Nun can do that nice and clean with no sugar. I just never put it in my Hydroflask because I like to keep that just for water.

Sun Screen: For your face, body and for after care. Sun Bum is my personal favorite and also has zinc and cool down lotion…plus just about everything that you can think of. I have found that it doesn’t make me break out the same way as other lotions do. Their leave in hair conditioner is also amazing after your hair has been exposed to salt water, chlorine and sun.

Floppy Hat: Most of all for girls. These are amazing for when you are in the sun and want to keep the sun off an already burnt or about to burn face or neck.

Surf Shop Hoodie: Remember to go local if you can. Its supportive, nice and honestly is more interesting. I am all about the 7th Street Surf Shop in Ocean City New Jersey for just about everything. But most of all for their hoodies. If you are on holiday or are even just out at night after a long day in the sun, you are going to catch a chill. Always keep a hoodie on hand.

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