Types of Runs

Happy National Running Day to all!

With marathon training season approaching (Or for some of us, already here) some of you might be talking up your first training plan. If you’ve done some other runs that seem natural and nice and have been experimenting with different kinds of runs during your base building for the season. Even for those of us that have run it and are trying to improve, different drills are part of leveling up and pushing ourselves.

But Marathon training is an entirely different beast and has some intimidating lingo that match! So let’s break it down and talk about what these different terms mean and get these out of the way, taking away one of the intimidating factors about running a 26.2.

Easy Run: You Got This

  • 3-4 miles.
  • Easy pace.
  • Doesn’t take away from harder performances but adds mileage and teaches you to chill.

Striders/sprints: Feel Like A Bad Ass on the Track

  • .25-1 miles.
  • Combine and done in sets of 4-6.
  • I like doing these on a track.
  • (One lap around the track is .25 miles) Typically done at the end of the easy run.

Example: 3 miles easy pace + 1 time on the straight way of the track, jog around the curl x 4-6.

Base Run/ Negative Splits: Just When You Thought This Was Getting Easy

  • 6 miles.
  • Casual to moderate pace.
  • Helps build endurance and running economy.

Example: 3 miles easy, 3 miles faster than first 3 miles

Long run: Welcome to Your Saturday Morning

  • Longer distance.
  • 1 hour plus.
  • Runner is left moderately tired.
  • Increases raw endurance.

Example: 15 miles chatting with your running group.

Progression Run: What it Sounds like

  • Starts at easy pace, builds up mile by mile, harder and harder.
  • Moderately challenging.

Example: 4 miles at easy pace, 1 mile at tempo pace, 1 mile at 5k pace.

Fartlek: Giggle worthy

  • Base run mixed with 1 minute pick ups at 5k pace.
  • Develop faster speeds with less fatigue.
  • More efficiency.

Example: 2 miles warm up + “I’m gunna get to that lamp post” times 10 with rest in between + 1 mile cool down.

Tempo Runs: Aka I will go fast for a popsicle

  • Sustained effort at thresh hold pace.
  • Increased speed that you can sustain for a long period.

Example: 1 mile easy + 4 miles tempo+1 mile cool down.

Hill Repeats: Aka Satan

  • Repeated short, hard uphill running.
  • Heightened pain tolerance.
  • Run Specific strength training.

Example: 2 miles easy run warm up+ 10 uphill for 45 seconds+ 2 minute recovery jogs in between.1-2 miles cool down

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