Tarot for Journaling and Reflection

I cant say I am the biggest fan of divination. True I burn incense, practice yoga naked in the back yard on the full moon, fill my room with plants and what not. But I have never been a fan of anything divination related. Astrology has always gotten to me with how vague it is and it just didn’t seem like a logical step to take.

But Tarot Cards are just so….pretty. Most of all my set from Fountain Tarot . It is a beautiful set of 79 silver gilded cards with beautiful oil painting style designs on them. So what does a girl that doesn’t beleive in divination do?

I’ll tell you what I do: I built my own ritual. No, not telling the future but prompting my own writing and emotional mind with things that I would not think about. The thing that I do beleive in is journaling and prompting your mind with things that you might not think about until its suggested. Tarot draws are the perfect way to do this.

But first things first. Let’s find your Tarot and get it ready.

Finding your Tarot Deck:

Some people beleive that you don’t find the deck. The deck finds you. It could be gifted to you or you could find it at a special moment when you really need it. Since we aren’t using it for divination purposes, this might not matter as much. I knew I wanted a tarot deck but I wasnt really feeling any of the ones that I was seeing. I searched. I think I found it at the moment that I was supposed to. Just find one that you love and that you relate to. There are traditional Rider-Waite decks and there are also celestail decks. Herbal decks. Black metal decks. Find something that speaks to you.

Cleansing Your Deck:

Maybe this is a bit of a superstisuios thing that I do but people who use tarot for readings cleanse their deck and I do beleive in negative energy so I feel like its important to do that same.

There are a few reasons to clease your deck:

  • Other people have touched your cards
  • You’ve bought a new or second hand Tarot deck
  • Your Tarot cards have been sitting unused for some time
  • You or your Tarot cards have been exposed to a lot of negative energy (for example, a challenging situation in your personal life)
  • You are beginning to feel disconnected or ‘stuck’
  • Your cards have fallen all over the floor or had some other sort of accident
  • You want to reconnect with your cards

Shuffling and Meditating is something that I do every time I do a journal entry or pull cards. Simply sit with your cards in your hands and close your eyes. Quiet your mind by thinking about something peaceful and your intentions for this reading/ pull. Simply be with your cards.

Moonbaths are so much fun for just about everything. Everything could use a good moon bath, including yourself. It is exactly what it sounds like. The full moon is supposed to be an amazing source of positive and restoritive energy. Simply place your cards in an open window for the night and let the restorative energy of the moon do its thing.

Smudging is something that I do when I get a new deck. Light up a sage stick, rosemary or palo santo stick and pass your cards through the smoke.

How to Use Your Deck for Journaling

I’m sure that we’ve all seen the scenes with the madams and their elaborate spreads of cards in front of them. Its daunting isn’t it!? Of course if you want to learn this I encourage it. I’m personally not there yet but I can see the appeal of telling a story in that way.

For journaling we can go so much simpler. All you need is your deck and a note book (if you are writing. If you are just reflecting that is completely alright too.

Take the cards and give them a good shuffle. Now this is the easy part. Draw three cards and turn them face down. When you flip the cards, do not turn them so they are right side up if they are facing down. Inverted cards mean something totally different in tarot. Each deck should come with a little guide book to tell you what the cards mean.

  1. Card One: Mind
  2. Card Two: Body
  3. Card Three: Spirit

Read each of the meanings of your cards and lean back in between each one. Dont try and make sense of the cards. Just let your mind wander and find the first thing that comes to you when you think about what that card says. That is the thing that you need to reflect on. That is your prompt.

Your journal entry can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Its free form. But let the prompt and the card guide you on what you need to think about. That is the meaning of a prompt after all.

Have you all ever used a tarot deck? What about other things to use as prompts for your journaling? Journaling can be a highly theraputic endeavor and hold meaning to people that they never thought that it could.

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