Why You Need A Planner

I hear so many people talk about how they don’t need a planner, how they keep it all in their head. I am honestly not sure how people do this because my brain would not work that way. These also happen to be the people that I find most often are late, forget appointments, or just generally dont have a plan.

I live off of my planner and I am going to give you some reasons why I think as a responsible adult you should too.

  1. They provide stress releif: You would think that seeing a list of stuff that you have to do would stress you out more, but as it turns out its the opisate. Knowing what you have to do instead of trying to remember it all at once can be very cathartic. It takes alot off your plate so that you dont have to store everything up there and can free up brain power to do other things without having that pesky feeling that you have forgotten something constantly nagging at you.
  2. Chances are its not just you in your life: Okay, maybe you think its just you but chances are even if you aren’t married, dont have kids, ect, chances are that you have other people connected in your life. Knowing when you said that you would meet your best friend for coffee means that you aren’t going to waste her time when you are late or forget because something else jumped out of the woodwork. Not to mention that having a planner gives you the chance to share your schedule with other people who might need to know it. Have too much going on today to go out with your bestie? How about next Tuesday?
  3. You have multiple things on your plate: When you were in school…most of us were pretty much in school and had one job. It probably wasn’t a high demand job either. Now there are other things to worry about. Work, projects, family, house work, doctors appointments, when did I last get my oil changed, what training was I supposed to do today, did I send in that draft or when was the last time I edited??? You get the idea. You cant be expected to remember all of them all at once.
  4. Give your mind some space: Like the statements before, everything going on in a daily life is alot. Freeing up the brain power you had been using on trying to remember (Also known in the journaling world as a “Brain Dump”, means that you can use that mental energy on other things. Including carving out time for yourself.
  5. You can see whats important and whats not: The truth is that we have more dead time than we think. This is because we are not using our time effectively. Having a planner gives you clear guide lines of what needs to get done and when so that you can more through it with less distraction. Having a plan means that you can look at it and prioritize when shit hits the fan without having things slip through the cracks.
  6. Feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week: I love my lists because even while I’m doing it I can see whats getting done and at the end of the week when I look back at everything that I’ve accomplished I feel like a champion.

Have Planner Questions? Let me know!

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