Boss Beauty Moves You Might Have Forgotten About

So we all have the best beauty and skin care routine in the world now right? Every morning and every night? I know that I hit skin care and beauty tips over the head on here, which is funny because I cant put on eye liner to save my life. But it is important. Now that you have seen my favorate skin care products, I want to give you some hints on how to step up your routine with some things you might be forgetting.

Sleep Naked:

Okay okay hear me out. Is there anytime better then shaving everything, lotioning up and then getting into nice, crisp, clean sheets naked? If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely must. Everything feels soft and it gives your skin a real chance to breath. In terms of self care, I can’t think of anything better when it comes to body appreciation. You will feel like a queen.

Face Mask:

Face masks get a bad wrap. When we think of them we often think of gross seaweed or chemical peels that will leave your skin red and blotchy for days. Not over here. There are tons of face masks that you can find that will nourish, hydrate, brighten and detoxify your skin. It all depends on what you need. Plus, there is something about a peel off mask that is so darn satisfying!

Hair Mask:

I am always talking about taking care of your skin but there are other parts of your beauty routine that you might be forgetting about. I am a big fan of hair masks, most of all since I have been dying my hair for so long. Its really important to keep your hair hydrated so finding a nice natural hair mask that you can slip on in the shower while you shave or while you are taking a bath can really change everything. You are constantly exposing your hair to heat sources, UV rays and a million other things. Take care of it just like your skin.

Lip Exfoliate:

You can buy one or there are a million and one recipes on pintrest that you can use to make a quick and easy sugar scrub mask. Lips can dry out and crack so easily so its important to use these sorts of scrubs and a good quality, natural (come on, it’s basically going in your mouth) lip balm.

No Make Up Days:

Like sleeping naked, this gives pores the chance to air out and really recharge. I don’t even wear that much make up but for those of you that use foundation and everything else, the chance to let those pores breath is invaluable.

Pumousing Those Toes:

Oh the feet. I cant get too into the feet without this turning into a running article. But let me just say that I would never ever subject someone to my feet. Plus I have most certainly gotten a fungal infection before from nasty pedi tools. That being said, it is important to get those dead skin cells off your feet.

Stay Hydrated:

Making sure that you are hydrated is going to be even more important as the heat of those summer months roll in and we find ourselves outside cooking. All of these problems can be aided, if not solved by water.

3 thoughts on “Boss Beauty Moves You Might Have Forgotten About

    1. I don’t mean to laugh! I know it’s an “Irrational fear” but do you think you are afraid of someone walking in or something?


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