6 Rules of Nutrition

Nutrition scares people.

Thats just a fact. And why shouldn’t it? With all of the information out there it seems like half of it isn’t even medical. Are eggs good or bad for you? How many meals should you eat a day? Is it better to drink real milk or a plant based mylk? Gluten or no gluten? Corn?

If I do any of this stuff does that mean I’m on a diet? Does that mean I hate myself? Can I be proud of my body even if I want to improve?

Well the good and bad news is that there is nothing about basics of nutrition that have to be a diet. Here are six things that basically EVERYONE can do that will improve your health.

Drink More Water

We could all stand to drink more water. Fill yourself up on it. Most of all since summer is coming and you’re about to start sweating more. There are a ton of calculations on how to do this but on average 8 cups (2 liters) should do it for people who are not exercising. For people who are doing moderately intense exercise under 2 hours, consuming 2-4 cups during and 2-4 cups after will satisfy most of your needs. Chances are though that most people aren’t even drinking the eight cups.

Eat more Veggies

Like water, eating your vegetables is something that we all could do more of. In fact, there are days where people have told me that they haven’t eaten any veggies at all! Adding a cup of veggies with every meal is the best way to go. If you can add them into your eggs in the morning with your breakfast thats even better. For a simple boost, try adding some leafy greens to your morning smoothie!

Try More Things

Most people have a few basic things that they eat almost every single day. We are creatures of habit after all. But trying new things can lead you into an entire new world of food….often packed with things that we never would have tried before. Expand your horizons.

Cook More

Cooking is fun! Okay it is to me, but I know that its not to some people. So moving away from just cooking being fun, it also allows you to control what is going into your meals, be sure of the ingredients that you are putting in and any sensitivities you might have and control your portion sizes. Cooking is something that can change your life.

Give Yourself Time

Nutrition is not a diet. It makes no promises about 2 weeks or magic fat burners. Sometimes you will find that you are actually eating more food then you would ever eat on a ‘diet’. This means that they habits that you build will last for the rest of your life. But it also means that it will take time. You have to let it. There is no time limit on good health.

Learn How to Listen to Your Body

We have learned to ignore our bodies cues. We have been told that feeling hungry is good. We don’t pay attention to what we eat or how much we chew. When we get tired we amp ourselves up with a short sugar boost or a shot of caffine. One of the best and most important things that you can learn is how to listen to your body and understand its cues. If dairy makes you gassy, think about cutting back on it. If you are thirsty, go for your water. If you’re hungry, find some whole real food to eat.

Stop Listening to the Noise

Like was said before, there is so much noise out there about food and nutrition. Here is the only piece of advise you need to know: F*** That Noise. Stick with the basics. Good whole foods. Cook your food. Eat until you are 80% full. The thing you should listen to is your body not magazines or diet products. End of story.

What do you guys think of these tips? Is there anything else you have found amps you up about your nutrition?

One thought on “6 Rules of Nutrition

  1. Good article! Simple and to the point. Since you asked, maybe I would add – Protect your Gut? Our bowels are so crucial for our health. Most of our immune system is in the gut. Our chances of maintaining good health I feel depends upon the state of our gut. Thanks for the read!


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