Myths About Runners

We’ve all heard the Stereotypes. In fact, I can not count how many times I have heard people tell me I don’t look like a runner. Or the time that that guy in the uber told me about the chemical drink I should be drinking after a marathon.

The world is full of myths about….while everything. Here are ten myths about runners that are just plain untrue.

  1. Runners are fast: No. Some runners are fast. Most runners are not. Most runners run just because they love running, even if they are “Slow”. The average mens Marathon pace is a 10 minute mile while the average woman ranks in at about an 11 minute mile. You don’t have to be fast to be a runner.
  2. You aren’t a runner if you haven’t run a marathon: Again, this is a totally unfair statement as most running events, even on a professional level, are far from marathons. Some runners dont even race at all! That doesn’t make them any less of a runner.
  3. Runners are all lean: There is nothing that I like more than going to the end of a half or full marathon and seeing all of the diversity on the finish line. Every ethnicity, every body weight, every age is represented. And they are all runners and have all worked hard to get there, regardless of their shape.
  4. Runners can eat whatever they want: So much not true. Obviously there are nutritional standards and things that are better to eat before a run and then after for a more effective recovery. But the entire going to Olive Garden for an endless pasta bowl before a long run is something that most runners know will do more harm than help. On top of that we have learned that if you put crap in you, you’re going to feel like crap.
  5. Running will ruin your knees: So will obesity and non activity. Runners should be taking part in other activities like strength training. We used to think that you couldn’t put on too much muscle mass or it would impede your running but that has been disproven and disproven hard. Runners are no long supposed to be “weak” and all plans will include strength building.
  6. Runners run every day: Just like everything else, we all need a break. some people do it once a week…some more. Some professionals cycle on a two week schedule. But there is a break. Always. You don’t need to run 6 miles 7 days a week to be a runner.
  7. Focus on having “Perfect” form: There are so many things wrong with this statement. First of all, we all know how I feel about the word “perfect”. It doesn’t exist. Yes there are things you should do but you should not fight your bodies natural rhythm.
  8. Someone is too old to be a runner: Let me tell you, some of the guys that are in my running group smoke me. There is never a time where you should stop. Unless you have a specific condition, you are never too old, too slow or too far gone.
  9. Every runner is riddled with injuries: Okay I don’t want to say this is untrue because some of us are. But to be a runner you don’t have to be injured or really down for the count. If you don’t need a brace or to tape you shouldn’t be. Not being injured means you’re doing something right, not something wrong.
  10. Runners are super human: No one starts off as a runner, or at least very few of us were raised by elite athletes. We had to train to get there. We had to push past that moment when we wanted to start, when our brain gave up. It’s the same nagging voice that everyone else has. Runners just have learned and trained their minds to push through it.

What are some myths that you guys have heard about runners and what do you want to say to debunk them?

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