Review: Billie Razor

No shave November might be your thing if you are a guy but if you are like me or a girl in general with Italian or other follicle blessed backgrounds, you might not be able to put up with braiding your leg hair. Lovely, I know.

I recently decided to try the mail order razor companies that have been popping up on my feed to avoid the pink tax. So far I am not disappointed. I am a big fan of my Billie razor and the company. Not that I know too much about razors but I know enough about what I like to shave.

I was a bit skeptical at first but once I got the razor for the lovely price of $9. The Starter Kit has the Razor of your choice (Colors are girly and retro perfect!) and two razor blades. After that, you tell them about how often you shave and they will give you a recommendation on how often you should replace your blades/ get a new shipment. This can be every month, every two months or every three months shipments are $9 each time.

The shape of the Billie is sort of like the Venus so it has the wide head with the moisturizing strip (“360 Aloe Shave Soap”) around the outside. Unlike other companies, the little holder that comes with it is magnetic and not a suction cup. I have never had good luck with suction cups and they always fall down. I have been using Billie for about a month and it hasn’t fallen off its little pedestal once. No shower puddles or breaks.

Note that Billie is going for simplicity. The razor itself is fine but you aren’t going to find something that looks overly “pretty”. Which should be fine considering you shouldn’t really be buying your razor for style.

I would recommend this product but remember that everything that you buy does need to be shipped and sent which is not exactly great in terms of sustainability.

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