35 Senses Beyond the 5 Senses

Yes, smell, sight, taste, feel and hearing are all things that are important in your writing but there are so many other things that your character can be aware of that will contribute to your story telling and the experience of the reader and your characters.

By tapping into more of these descriptions, your reader can become more aware of not only your characters environment but their mental state. What a character or narrator takes time to describe and notice tells you about what their priorities are, what their mental state is and can set the tone for the universe they are in.

It can bring in the grittiness or the vascular feel that you might be going for or bring in the flowery, sunny feel. All of these things draw your readers in deeper. Sometimes in writing fiction we get so caught up in the mechanics of description that we forget the entire point of description is to bring readers into your world. The deeper you can get into those sensations, the more connection they can make.

  1. Time
  2. Solidity (Barriers)
  3. Taste
  4. Depth
  5. Color
  6. Pitch
  7. Tone
  8. Pressure/Friction
  9. Volume
  10. Rhythm
  11. Relative size
  12. Awareness of awareness
  13. Balance
  14. Muscle Tension
  15. Moisture
  16. Sound Direction
  17. Personal emotional state
  18. Emotional state of others
  19. Reality
  20. Magnetic fields
  21. Physical Energy
  22. Appetite
  23. Internal temperature
  24. External temperature
  25. Depth of breath
  26. External motion
  27. Self motion
  28. Heartbeat
  29. Emotional state
  30. Emotional state of groups
  31. Heat or cold
  32. Motion
  33. Level of consciousness
  34. Injuries (Burns, scars, ect)
  35. Build

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