Think About These Things Before Getting a Pet

We all want a fuzzy critter (or in some cases not so fuzzy) to love on us. At least most of us do. My dog Minion is the love of my life. She is always happy to see me, and when I’m not home I think about her.

I am sure that having a child is a different experience then having a fur baby, but that doesn’t mean that a living, breathing creature with emotions and fears and needs isn’t relying on you. One of the things that I saw of a lot in college was people getting pets because now they could (even if they weren’t technically allowed to have them in the dorms). Heck I was one of these people. Even when you are out and have your own place you should consider a few things.

Animals are living breathing creatures with thoughts feelings and emotions. I do not just say this from a hippy prospective either. If you’ve ever tried to go to work when your dog doesn’t want you to, you know what I’m talking about.

Do You Have Enough Money?

This is the obvious one. Do you have the money that you need to buy them a good quality food? Take them to the vet? Pay for anything weird that gets swallowed on chewed on? All of these are things that will happen and stuff you need to be ready for. I get Minion Blue Buffalo and I’m pretty sure it costs as much as some of my meals do. She gets toys, a nice bed, blankets. I like to buy her nice sweaters in the winter now that we are in the northeast and pretty collars that do with the seasons. Money. I take her to the vet and if a vet visit can cost 85 dollars without them doing anything. Never mind if they need to do anything. Best food? Because you are looking at more health issues if you dont get good food? Money.

Setting a Schedule?

If you are getting a baby (puppy, kitten, any kind of youngling really). You are going to need to set a feeding, play/walk/exercise, training and care schedule. Figure out how often you are going to take them to get groomed, how often they will be cleaned, nails trimmed, ect. Having a schedule is essential and its going to be harder for you then it will be for your pet. Make sure that you can commit to this.

How Often are You Home?

Like to travel? A pet might not be for you unless you plan to take them with you or have someone to watch them. Boarding is expensive too and you typically have to have a vet visit for that too. Aside from that, if you work really long hours or are constantly in class it might determine just what kind of pet you want to look into. My cousin has a boa constrictor and she loves him to death. But he still requires a lot of attention.

All pets are going to need your attention so make sure that you are ready to give your time when it is needed. They are going to need to be feed, walked/play with/ have activity. If you cant commit to this, please wait.

Do You Have an SO? If you do who’s pet is this?

Not something that we like to think about but it is something that I have seen come up a lot, most of all if you are both animal people. If a break up happens (Knock on wood) who will take care of the fur baby? This is not to say that Pets aren’t great in that situation. One of my first blog posts was about how much of a comfort Minion was to me during my divorce.

What Kind of Environment Do You Live In?

I am a firm believer that sometimes pets and people just aren’t meant for certain climates. Make sure, most of all if the pet that you are interested in is cold blooded, that it is right for the environment that you live in. There is nothing sadder then a huskey in 105 degree weather.

Aside from weather, it is also important to think about how much space you have. A big dog is not going to be happy in a tiny apartment, most of all if you want them to have a yard and cant devote a few days a week to take them to the park (Not to mention that your stuff is going to get chewed up).

If you are ready to commit to all of these things, then yes! It is time for you to have a fur friend.

On a final note, when picking a pet remember to do your research. I have and always will adopt before I shop, but if you are looking for a speciality animal make sure that you pay attention to who is selling and where you are getting them from. Though I really do recommend going to a rescue first.

Adopt, dont shop!

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