Review: BioClarity

I have spent a good deal of my life fighting with my skin. People who are over 30 remember that pretty much everything in our generation was solved by taking a pill or otherwise screwing with our bodies in some way. I found out when I was in college that I was actually highly lactose intolerate and the symptoms were masked when I was a kid. One of those symptoms was acne that I had been given hormones and medications for too.

Once I found that out, I obviously gave up dairy and started to wonder what other natural things could go. A few months ago I found Bioclarity and decided to give them a try since I wasn’t close to a Lush anymore.

Bioclarity is a system that is comes with a Cleanse, Treat, Restore and Moisturizer dependent on which system you decide to get. Clear Skin, Regular or Sensitive Skin Routines can be purchased together or as individual products. Masks and other items like a body wash and supplements are also available for individual order.

It is on a delivery system so you have to make sure that you are ready to commit for at least a month, which honestly you should be doing with any skin care routine to make sure that it works. It’s easy to order and easy to use. When you order they give you a skin quiz so that you can figure out which of their systems work best for you. They do have a 30 day refund policy if you find that it doesn’t work for you.

Basically the premise is that nature knows what to do and it takes Chlorophyll and replaces the base, magnesium with copper, creating an antioxidant blend that boosts the skins ability to feed and defend cells, and reduces redness.

We’ve all heard these claims before but after using Bioclarity for a few months I do have to say that my skin is softer and more even. Even when I start to break out it is only in one or two tiny places. It is easy to use and cute. Not only that but because it is in a routine, it is really nice for building skin care habits.

All in all I love this product. It really is wonderful and I will continue to use it and try more of their products.

The only draw back that I have with them is that they do not have a toner or an eye cream, which I consider musts in skin care.

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