My Spring Bucket List

I am so all about the spring and I hope that we really have one this year and it doesn’t just go from 25 degrees to 80 degrees. Give me a nice little transition where I have to wear a light jacket outside any day! I didn’t move from Texas to be hit with 95% humidity just yet!

Here is my Spring Bucket List and some of the cute little things I look forward to enjoying during this season this year without any pressure or motive.

  1. Take a park walk
  2. See the cherry blossoms
  3. Take a spontaneous road trip
  4. Out door Tea Time
  5. Have a champagne picnic
  6. Walk barefoot
  7. Spring Clean Closet
  8. Go to the Farmers Market
  9. Open Windows for fresh air
  10. Fill a backpack and go on a long hike
  11. Visit a National Park
  12. Attend an outdoor concert
  13. Go to the Zoo
  14. Wear more Sundresses
  15. Read Outside

Happy Spring everyone! Whats on your bucket list this year for the spring?


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There is a time in our lives when we figure out that we are adults. When that time is...we sometimes don't know. Even at 32. I'm just a young woman trying to restart and learn how to live as an adult after years of just making ends meet. Coming out of a divorce was something horrid for my plans, but opening up to my authentic self and finding joy in the things I love has been a huge step forward. Becoming an adult isn't about the age you are at, but being comfortable in what you do, what you love and who you are. Marathoner Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1) Writer Cook Pocket Philosopher

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