Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers get ready!

Okay maybe this is more for people that love a coffee lover. Getting coffee assesories seems like it could get really expensive really fast but there as a few that wont break the bank but will make that special caffeine junkie swoon.

Areopress Coffee Maker: This is the newest thing and it takes us away from the multi equipment need of a pour over. There is an entire subculture around areopress coffee right now that is well worth checking out and makes you look like you are in the know with your coffee loving comrade.

Rainbow Cupping Spoons: But also rose gold if thats more of your thing. These are cute cupping spoons that are used by the pros when tasting coffee.

Kalita Wave Dripper: I personally prefer the Kalita over the Chemex and the V60 drippers. Its beautiful, stainless steel, easy to clean, and in my opinion generally makes the best cup of coffee when put over your mug. Make sure you include some filters with it!

Stanley Classic Vacuums Bottle: Yes there are a million different no waist bottles and thermoses out there but Stanley is a classic…and comes with a life time warranty so if you’re really trying to go zero waste, Stanley is lovely and will keep that cup of joe hot hot hot!

Stagg Gooseneck Kettle: Lets be honest, any gooseneck will do but just look at how lovely this little beauty is!

The World Atlas of Coffee: Come on. You had to know I was going to put a book on here. Seriously though, if you are a coffee lover and your hobby is trying out things like the Chemex and Areopress, chances are you want to know as much about this little power plant as you can!

Cold Brew Set: Cold coffee lover? No problem. Actually you could probably make cold brew with a big ball jar and a cheese cloth bag but you might want to little more instruction to start out. Either way you can start off the summer with cold brew on tap!

Coffee Classes: I cant really link you on here because it varies from area to area but check out when local roasters and coffee houses are having trainings. If you go onto eventbright you can often find the classes for home brewing for an out for the day idea!

Ceramic Coffee Canisters: These minimalistic coffee canisters are too cute and will keep coffee fresh and (God help us hopefully) out of the freezer.

Of course there are about a million different coffee pins and puns you can find. Etsy is a wonderful place to start but these are just a few to really get you going. We all know how easy it can be to get lost on the internet!

Be sure to check out the rest of my Barista Series!

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