10 Instagrams That Will Restore Your Faith In Social Media

We all have heard the dreaded SM words. Oh, our body images. Oh, the sexualization and fetishism. Oh, the Narcissism. I’m not going to argue that some of these are very true. There are a ton of social media accounts out there that are made to pray on the young, the innocent and those that have their credit cards saved into their accounts.

But like any story, there are two sides to every story and learning how to follow the right social media can promote inspiration, bind communities that would otherwise be separated (Lets not forget that in the beginning, the beauty of the internet was that it gave -nearly- everyone access to information that they might not have been about to get otherwise) and bring new ideas to life. For how to Use Social Media In A Positive Way check out my previous post.

Jules Hunt (@omandthecity) Jules is the blogger of healthy lifestyle bloggers. Her posts and resources are positive inspiring and amazing. She is constantly giving away resources and pointing to brands that are good for your health, good for the environment and good for your emotional well being. On a side note, her decorating tastes are spot on and her puppy is adorable. Goals man!

Minna Lee (@livingminnaly) Minna; what a sweetheart. A legit sweetheart. Minna manages to be graceful, kind and inspiring while still being vulnerable with her followers. She also has answered way way way more of my DM’s then I ever expect someone to. As the owner of a company whose product, I LOVE (@live24k), a lifestyle coach and a photographer, you have to wonder how Minna manages to keep her head on straight. And then she tells you! The thing about this side of the blogger community is that they are not into the zero-sum game. There is enough space for all of us and each story and journey is unique and valued. Bless.

Rising Woman (@risingwoman) The Hippie in me loves this and so does the inner goddess. I follow a lot of mantra Instagrams but there is something a little bit more about this one. There is a deep seeded spirituality and mystic-ness to it along with positive, healthy narratives and images. Check it out and be sure to actually read the text.  

Geoff (@messiahcomplexcosplay) Careful, my nerd is showing! No, being honest here I love Geoff for so many reasons but mostly because he really has some deep insights into the Cosplay community that those on the outside don’t think about. He is super friendly to the people that message him, is always willing to help out at cons and with his friends, talks a lot about inclusivity in this not-as-niche-as-it-used-to-be community, and really sheds light on things that the average bear doesn’t link with this particular subculture.

Robin Arzon (@robinnyc) Chances are if you have been anywhere near the health world you have seen Robin over the past few years. But if you don’t follow her story, she is inspiring and proves that it is never too late to change your path. She gives you zero excuses (type 1 diabetes and still running marathons? Please Girl!). I first got her book “Shut Up And Run” when I was learning how to run three years ago. No nonsense but down to earth she clearly loves her life and what she does and reminds all of us to do the same.

Pia (@Thepinkseed) PIA PIA PIA! I love my girl Pia okay? This is a young woman I met while I was working at a coffee shop in San Antonio. Her success is based on things that people seem to have forgotten about in the business world- or at the very least things we tend to take for granitite. Team Building, Respect and being a freaking good person! Her podcast is amazing and she is an angel.

Tyler Murphy (@murphofsteel) Ah Tyler, my snarky ass funny, running friend. Tyler is a teacher in just about every way you say the word. Yes it’s his job but he is also always so willing to share information and resources, along with some of the positive but snarky grit when you are going up a hill and his long legs are coming up behind you. Basically, he’s the guy that is teaching you how to run but is also laughing when you tell him your life is a dumpster fire today….and then he somehow turns that into fuel too!

The Every Girl (@theeverygirl) Getting away from their website and blog, the everygirl will fill your feed with helpful advice, beautiful images of little shops, workspaces, and bedrooms around the world, and somehow make you want to watch yet another season of the Bachelor with your girlfriends. But also give your helpful advice on everything from interpersonal relationships to how to deal with that really pervy guy at the bar.

Bianca (@Fashioned_for_joy) B is most certainly one of my favorite people in real life and on the internet. She is a 100% real girl and is one of the people that really got me into yoga and spirituality almost 10 years ago. She is a total sweetie, very positive, completely inspirational and one of the best friends a girl could have. Always grateful, always spiritual, always ready to help and make a change.

National Geographic (@natgeo) Do I really need to give you a reason to follow National Geographic? What was once the print is now so much online that there is no reason you shouldn’t see pictures of free climbers and fluffy baby Penguins on your feed! Sometimes with the way that social media is set up we forget that companies like this have gone digital. There is no reason not to remind yourself every time you scroll that there is a big, beautiful world out there just waiting for you to wander into it1

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