My Nightly Routine

It is a common and well-known fact that building routines are something that helps adults function.  Even though we know this, sometimes it feels like we had more routines when we were a toddler.   Wake up, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth…you get it.  

As an adult, it’s even better for us to have routines both in the morning and at night.  Sometimes I think that a nightly routine is even more important than the morning.  Yes, mornings get you going for the day but at night you have to sometimes tell your body hey, its time to calm the hell down. 

The Rules of Night Time

#1 Value Your Sleep

 Sleep is the most valuable thing that we can do for ourselves.  I was definitely a person that for a long time had a difficult time getting to sleep.  It would leave me exhausted for the next day.  So I would take a nap…and then wouldn’t go back to bed until one am….which would, in turn, leave me just as exhausted and unproductive the next day.  Don’t act like a teenager.  Not everyone is a night owl and even if they are…at some point they will most likely have to get used to being up during the day.  

Value your sleep and value yourself.

#2 Drink It Up

Hydration is not just for the daytime.  I love having a big glass of water and a cup of herbal tea before bed.  It sets the mood for the night and is great for my skin.  Plus I love waking up first thing in the morning and right away being able to have a bowel movement.  (TMI I know) 

#3 Mood Lighting 

One of the things I have in my room that I love is my lamp.  It had a normal lamp light but then the bottom lights up a bit duller.  When I know that I am trying to get my mind ready for sleep I make sure that I have the lights turned down.  Likewise make sure that you shut your blinds or have blackout curtains, most of all if you live in a place like a city with a lot of light.  Your body responds to light by producing serotonin, which your mind interoperates as the sun…which your body takes as “Hey!  I should be up and doing stuff!”  

# 4 Relax Yourself

Meditation, defusing oils, bathing…anything that you can really do.  Make sure that you aren’t stressing. The last thing that you want to do is lay in bed thinking about everything that you didn’t get done.  I’ve done it a million times with my type A personality.  But I have come to learn that it is important to accept that the day is done and that there is nothing more that I can do well that day.  Everyone from Oprah to Lauren Cohrad has recommended that you do something self-care like to relax and put yourself in the right state of mind.  

# 5 Skin Care Routine

You wouldn’t do outside without washing your face and brushing your teeth.  Make sure you take off your make up and do your nightly beauty care routine.  Don’t fall asleep without doing it.  Period.    

# 6 Ditch the Screen for Some Old Fashioned Entertainment

Sure, everyone is always talking about Netflix and chill time.  Even I will admit to it.  But again the light coming out of those screens is one, not good for you and two, very stimulating! Ditch the bright lights for a good old-fashioned book that will take you out of your own head.  If you aren’t big reader (Which I know most of you are) you can always trade that in for some journaling or self-reflection.  Heck, why not try both?!

My Nightly Routine


  • Bath
  • Wash face/face mask
  • Moisturize
  • Set out clothing/ pack bag for next day

8:30 pm

  • Make Tea
  • Set up defuser with oils
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Take Melatonin 

9 pm 

  • Get into bed
  • Gratitude log
  • Journal/write/read
  • Drinking tea

10 pm

  • Turn on sleep sounds
  • Turn off light
  • Go to bed

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