Book Review: Stronger by Kara Goucher

It is no secret to those that know me that I love books.  Mostly Non-fiction books and self-improvement books.  There is just something about nonfiction-self improvement-running books that hit every single passion that I have.  Give me that and a strong woman that are being open about the mental struggles that she has, even as a two time Olympian and I am a happy camper!

As usual Kara Groucher does not disappoint.  She is open and candid about her own struggles as a runner, as a woman, as a mother and as a person that makes her seem like someone that you could genuinely talk to about anything. She knows that running is a head game and that the real struggle as a runner and as an athlete in general isn’t with your body. It’s with your mind.

This little workbook is great and touches on so many techniques that are not only helpful but also applicable in multiple aspects of life.  With a little introduction about her own struggles, Kara takes us deep into actionable steps to help us get through the hardest part of running. It’s not just a biography. No, she knows that while that might be helpful to some people, the book was not just about her. She goes over the techniques that she was given by her coaches and therapists and turns over the reigns to them in each easily laid out sections such as:

  • Mantras
  • Positive self talk
  • Power words
  • Goal setting
  • Visualization
  • Power Poses
  • Uniforms
  • Social Connections

And speaking of Social Connections, Kara is clearly a friendly and wonderful person just because of the amount of friends that she had contributed to this book. Along with her coach and other contributors that she had writing in each lesson, the essays done by runners in this book about their own journey to confidence (And sometimes struggles with it) are amazing. Robin Arzon, Molly Huddle and Emma Coburn are just three of them.

All and All I would highly recommend this book to any runner, both professional and recreational. We all struggle with confidence and Kara has the perfect mediations to help along your weekly journey. I used this book and took care of a lesson once a week on my rest day. Know though when you get it that you are not purchasing a biography. It’s more like a work book.

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