Six Daily Non-Negotatbles

There are days where life just takes over and we get caught up in the grind.  By the time we get home or take off our shoes, we can feel like we’ve been hit by a garbage truck full of to-do lists. I know that there is in mine and I don’t even have kids!  There was most certainly part of my life where I was willing to sacrifice everything to prove myself (often to people that I knew I could never actually impress).   

As I have gotten older and over the past 9 months living with my parents after not living in the same time zone as them since I was 17, there are some things that I’ve noticed.  My father, (God bless him he has worked so hard to give us everything he can and I AM grateful for that but), is a workaholic.  He is always so stressed out and work is really his only hobby.  I decided young that I did not want to be like this.  It couldn’t always be about the job.  Because of that, I have a few things that I consider non-negotiable parts of my day.  

Not only are they based on physical health but mental health as well.  Even when life takes over I make sure that these 5 things get done for my own well being, productivity and honestly, the well being of my relationships with other people.  

1.Meditate-  My love of meditation is no secret, as shown by my review of Headspace.  Meditating can decrease anxiety, stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. It allows our mind to rest and quiet before we move onto the next task or go to sleep at night without that racing heartbeat.  

2. Give Someone a Compliment-  Have you ever had a bad day and then someone turns to you and tells you that you look pretty today?  That even your shoes are nice?  We never know what other people are going through.  Remember the power of positivity and just how big an impact you can make on someone.   On a selfish level, this can help you too.  It’s hard to be down and grouchy when you are putting a smile on someone else’s face.  

3. Be Active- I can’t even explain how important this is and you have probably heard the preaching about it not just from me, but from tons of other people.  One of the hardest things I had to deal with when I sprained my knee was not being able to work out.  My attitude just plummeted.  It got to the point where I had to do something.  Even just doing core work was better than nothing.  

4. Learn Something Not Work-Related-  It was easy when we were in college to always be learning something new.  We had electives.  It was part of our routine.  But somehow that falls off when you leave school.  It’s important to keep learning and keep your mind trying new things to stay sharp and to remain a well-rounded person.  It doesn’t matter if you are building models, reading a new book, listening to MPR or anything else.  Keep learning or lose your sharpness.  Not to mention that it makes you a more rounded person and more interesting to be around.   

5. Get Enough Sleep-  Gone are the days where you stayed up until 2am and then woke up at 6 am (Or at least it should be gone by now!).  Making sure you prioritize your sleep.  If that means not going out on a Tuesday night for drinks then that’s fine!  Everyone will understand.  

6. Go Outside/ Get Sunshine-  Have you ever heard of SAD?  It’s an acronym for Seasonal Affect Disorder.  It’s what happens when people start to get glum (or more) when the days get shorter is dark out longer.  But you can be sure that this happens when you don’t get outside and get into nature and some rays every day (Even if they are covered with clouds).  Go for a walk, a hike, whatever you have to do.  But I make sure not to stay in the cubical all day.     

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