10 Resolutions to Make Aside from Losing Weight

We all know what it’s like in the gym at the beginning of the year. As a young woman, I was always focused on losing weight. This year I’m going to finally knock those last 10 pounds off! I’m going to not eat carbs. I’m going to crush the Whole 30! The whole market is telling us that we can change our bodies and therefore have a better life in 2019. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are more important things to do this year then change your outward appearance. Not to say that you cant. But don’t you want something else for yourself in 2019 too?

Here are some things that you can focus on in 2019 that will not just help you physically, but mentally as well. Along the way, it could also help with somebody positivity too!

  1. Step up your Skincare Routine:  If you haven’t started taking care of your skin yet. Now is the time to start. I personally love using Bioclarity on my skin. I use a face mask twice a week and people still think that I’m in my mid to early 20’s. Never underestimate your skin and what it can do for you.
  2. Try One New Work Out A Month: I am so guilty of this. We all know I love my running but sometimes I neglect my cross training because I’m so into my mileage count. But it’s so easy to burn out that was or injure yourself. Try something new by yourself or with a group of friends. Do a yoga walk-in class or sign up for some pole dancing to make you feel just a bit more sassy!
  3. Reflect More: Be that in meditation, journaling, prayer or whatever makes you feel calm and closer to a power or to yourself. Take 20 minutes to really just soak in your day, bring your heart rate down and do absolutely nothing. It may take practice (Okay who am I kidding, it will take practice) to calm your mind down but sometimes stopping is the most important thing that you can do for yourself.
  4. Stop talking about other peoples bodies: I don’t know why but it is our natural reaction to compliment people just on how they look. The most common of course is the phrase “You’ve lost weight!” And while some want to hear this…it should not be the most defining feature about them. Go for a “You look happy” or something of the like. Likewise, pay attention to statements like this and how you react to them. Do you say thank you even though you weren’t aware you looked like that? Do you think you need to change? Why?
  5. Use Social Media for good, not evil: Follow people who inspire you on social media along with people that you actually know. Your social media should never make you feel bad but create a positive feedback circle where people are there to cheer you on, not bring you down.
  6. Pack Lunches Instead of Buying Them: Okay this one sound like a weight loss thing but its really not. Imagine….you stop spending 7-15 dollars a day. That’s 49-105 dollars a week. Are you kidding?! Put that into your adventure fund!
  7. Make Your Living Space a Safe Space: I personally believe that we have become far too functional. Yes, that is super important but your living space should also be a place that you call yours. It should feel comfortable and a place where you can relax after the world has been pelting you in the face all day. Declutter, decorate and make your space as you as you can so that your mind and your spirit have time to be calm.
  8. Pay More Attention to Your Posture: As a blogger sometimes this is really hard for me. I find myself slouching right now. Really working on your posture is go9ing to help with back problems later. And let’s be honest. It makes you look better right now too.
  9. Read More: We always think about our physical well being. A lot of times we are thinking about our emotional well being as well. So body, emotional state….so ho9w about mental? It is important to keep learning. Reading more is an easy go-to for this. The paper, books, current events, self-improvement. All of it is a good way to go to keep your mind working and just as sharp and healthy as many want their bodies to be.
  10. Cut the Alcohol: We all know to drink more water, but how about cutting the alcohol? It might have been cute in college (though it probably wasn’t) but it’s not now. Try and limit your intake and really notice how it makes you feel.

One thought on “10 Resolutions to Make Aside from Losing Weight

  1. This is cool! Even though losing weight is important, these micro goals help as well! This helps with losing weight overall. It breaks down the huge goal of “losing weight” to smaller more manageable goals. Also, who knew alcohol would have been such a huge culprit! hahah

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