10 Things to Quit Spending Money On If You’re Broke.

Money is always the hardest part of being an adult.  Everywhere really but I would like to point out that in the states…it really sucks.  We get no health care, our schooling sucks and when you are a service worker you can kiss basically everything goodbye.  It’s not a third world country but there are certain disadvantages.  And workers here?  We have no rights.  Not to mention that in my generation we can kiss retirement and health care goodbye.

But getting away from all of that, there are plenty of things that you can do to tighten up your budget that will have almost no impact on your life.

  1. Take out: You aren’t even eating out!  Why would you pay for something that you are going to eat at home anyway?
  2. Shaving gel: Cheap conditioner or foaming soap you use for other things works just as well.  Most of all since we are now in the winter and fall months.
  3. Bottled water:  Let me tell you a secret as a barista: coffee shops MUST filter their water.  If not it will ruin our espresso machines (Which cost as much as a car).  Ask for them to fill up your water bottle.
  4. Almond Milk in your Smoothies: I am lactose intolerant and I thought that I had to use almond, soy or oat milk in my smoothies.  One day I ran out and just used water.  You know what?  It was FINE.
  5. Not Redeeming all of your gift cards:  Enough said.  Use free money.
  6. Shopping By Brand:  You know who notices what brands you’re wearing?  You.  That’s it.  In fact, no one will notice if you wear the same clothing two or three times a week.
  7. On-Line Subscriptions:  You really need to know what you are subscribing to.  You don’t think about it but just having Netflix, Spotify and Headspace are pushing 50 dollars.  Rethink your subscriptions and make sure that they are actually serving you.
  8. Seasonal things:  Make sure that you are buying things that you can wear or use in your house year round.  Yes, that turkey is cute, but only for about 3 weeks out of 52.
  9. Coffee:  I work at a coffee shop so I shouldn’t say this but paying for your coffee every morning is a huge waste.  Even if it’s just you, you can get a small two cup coffee maker for 15 dollars.  When you pay 3 dollars per coffee per morning that is 21 dollars per week.  You’re already there.
  10. Letting Groceries Go Bad:  If you have ever been grocery shopping you know how much you can spend.  I make it a habit to go grocery shopping for veggies and the like once every three days so that nothing goes bad.  When you aren’t eating out, this gets so much easier.

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