Review: Live 24 Golden Fuel

Product: Live24

It really should come as no surprise to my readers and those that know me that I am all about trying stuff like this.  It also should come as no surprise that I have no luck when it comes to winning things.  So when I won a container of this and the cute tumbler that you see in the picture on an Instagram contest, I was probably a bit more excited then a normal adult women should have been!  

I have used golden milk in the past and liked it well enough.  It is a take on an ancient drink that uses the anti-inflammatory traits in turmeric to promote good physical and mental health.  Along with milk or a non-dairy substitute it can be used in cookies, pancakes, chia puddings…I’m dying to try these cauliflower tacos.  

But what makes Live 24 worthy of its 20 dollar price tag? 

Well, also my first answer to that is Minna (Sorry Minna that’s probably not what you wanted me to promo out first but you’re getting it!). Minna is the founder of Live24 and honestly, when I entered the give away I didn’t know it was her product.  But I have followed her blog and her Insta for a while and the second I realized it was hers I knew it was going to be the real thing.  Minna is so dedicated to helping people and spreading positive health and positive messages of mental, physical and emotional health.  There is no way that something that she created could be anything but the genuine article.     

But onto the physical stuff.  Live 24 has no sugars, sweeteners of preserving agents, making it the purest golden powder that I have ever dealt with.  It has the amazing ingredients that you find in golden powder including turmeric, salt, ginger, vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and coconut milk powder.  Notice that there are no dates or sugars in here so no weird sugar spikes I have been noticing in my body happening.  There is also the added ingredient of Collagen.  This is what really makes Live24 different.  Collagen helps the absorption of amino acids and supports soft tissue health and development including repairing Ligaments and tendons (Hello my fellow runners look at that), hair, skin, nails, decreases the inflammation in the gut, helps with digestion and a whole host of other things.  

So overall, I would give this product all of the props.  My only thing to point out is that yes, it has a very earthy taste.  You can add sweetener to it but honestly…what’s the point in that?  I personally love the earthy taste but for some, it might take some getting used to.  

I will definitely be ordering more Live24.  My only regret is that I didn’t try it during training season to help with my energy and joint repair.  

Note that this post is not sponsored in any way by Live24 and that all written above is the express opinion of ErikaAdults and not meant to be taken as medical advice.  

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