Dont Pull My Hair: How Adults Flirt or Talk To Each Other

Just a fun little thought since it has been a while since I really wrote a Journal entry.  I am an adult woman.  If you want to talk to me, you might think its “Cute” to be mean.  Maybe this is your version of flirting.  Maybe its just how you communicate.  Either way I no longer find being mean to be endearing.

Grown women are not children on a playground.  If you want to talk to me I am not going to tolerate being mean.  Teasing once we are very comfortable with each other is fine in certain doses.  But I am no longer going to tolerate this sort of insecure putting me down as a version of flirting or even being friends.

Adults and adult couples support each other.  What worked in a frat house with a 19-year-old, isn’t going to work with a 32-year-old.  If we are friends or more or even casual, building each other up is a responsibility that we have to each other if we respect each other.  Not the other way around.  There are so many good ways to connect with people and even I know that.  If I know it and I barely have any social interaction, then everyone should know it.  For those that don’t, here is a list of things that you can talk about instead of being mean to another person.

  • Talk about common interests
  • Find out history
  • Ask people about themselves
  • Compliments (that aren’t creepy and don’t have to do with their looks) are nice.
  • Smile
  • Honest and open communicating

Pay attention to the way that other people react and listen to their answers.  Make sure that when you are questions they engage and ask you back.  This shows that they are actually interested in being your friend along with open body language.  If they dont seem overly interested…well there is your sign.  It means you disengage politely.  Just because they aren’t interested in you or being your friend doesn’t leave them open to your ridicule.  It doesn’t mean that they are a bitch.  It doesn’t mean that they are a bad person.

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