Product Review: Topo Megafly 2


I am all for a nice minimalist shoe.  As a relatively new runner (3 years with a marathon under my belt so not new but newer than some) I have been experimenting with shoes.  My first running shoe I was wearing New Balance and it was definitely not a show that most people would wear for long distance running.

When I took them in after my first marathon to a specialty running store so that I could show the salesperson how my stride is and where I land.  He was honestly… appalled so now I know! (Plus I certainly did NOT follow the 400-mile rule on them. But let’s not tell any of my future doctors or running friends about that okay?)

I have shopped around and tried a few more pairs since then but seeing as how I didn’t know how shoes were “Supposed” to feel I had to do some trial and error (Saucony, Brooks, Nike).  I tried to do something with cushion and couldn’t take it (foot cramps 2 miles in) and I really prefer the connection to the ground.  I have very strong feet, high arches and zero problems that I know about.

The Toposhoe was developed by a man who worked for Vibram (you know the monkey tow shoes) and eventually moved to his own company since he wanted to do more of a road shoe that was still minimalist.  You really couldn’t get any more minimalist than that.

I have been running in them for about two months and I really wish that I liked them more.  They are lightweight, breathable and its supporting one of the smaller running shoe companies.

Alas, they are a bit too lightweight for distance running.  Anything higher than five miles and I really start to feel a cramping in my heal and arch.  Forget about long runs that you get into with marathon training.  For 3- 4 miles I might still wear them but for longer distances and the repetitive motion of running, even on the flat road that they are designed for, is just a bit too much.


  • Independent company
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Short distance running (5-10ks)


  • Lack of support
  • Wears quickly on rubber outer heel.
  • Zero drop makes long distance running painfully with cushion

Note:  If you are not used to a zero drop show this might take some getting used to.  I personally have never had a high drop or a high cushioned.

Conclusion:  I have run about 200 miles on this shoe, but as I get into higher mileage during formal marathon training, I find that for my long runs I have needed to switch back to Brooks Pureflow 6s and will most likely stick with those for anything over 6 miles just because my running economy is better in them.

Technical specs

Best Use
Running Shoe Support
Running Shoe Cushioning
Moderate Cushion
Heel-To-Toe Drop (mm)
Footwear Height
Footwear Closure
Nylon mesh upper/printed polyurethane
Weight (Pair)
1 lb. 0.6 oz.




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