Car Maintenance 101

I didn’t know anything when I got my first car.  And honestly, I would prefer not to have a car.  But that is not the kind of place that I can’t exactly do that.  A car is a big investment and ideally, you want to be able to use it and keep it in good condition for after you’re done making your pesky payments!

Maintience can seem like it’s overwhelming so below you will find a list of things you should be doing every month, every quarter, and every six months to keep your car running the way it should be.

Every Month

  • Oil Level: Check and change
  • Hoses: Replace if brittle or rotten
  • Belts: Replace if glazed
  • Tire Pressure: Add air if needed
  • Coolant and Antifreeze: Check and add if low and check for leaks
  • Air Filters: Replace if dirty
  • Check Tires: for wear or foreign objects

Every Three Months

  • Oil and Oil Filter: change every 3,000 miles
  • Windshield Washer Fluid, Power Steering Fluid & Transmission Fluid: Top off if low
  • Battery cables and terminals: Clean if corroded
  • Lights: Make sure all lights and turn signals are working

Every Six Months

  • Wiper Blades: Replace if worn or brittle
  • Horn: Test and make sure it works
  • Breaks: Inspect for wear
  • Spar Tire: Make sure that it’s inflated and that you have one!
  • Exhaust System: Check for rust, loose parts or damage
  • Shocks: inspect for oil seepage

Happy driving!

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