Money Management Apps and Websites to Try

There are so many things that are thrown at us about money and finances.  It can be hard to tell which is good and which are just scams.  We thought that making a budget was hard?  Not at all when it comes to wading through just what websites and apps work well (and which wont get lost in your phone never to be remembered or used again).

Here is my list!

  1. The Penny Hoarder: Everything from learning how to pay off dept to finding out just how the new laws and trade taxes are going to effect everyday items to purchase, The Penny Hoarder has an article for you.  It is a must have on your face book feed at the minimum.  There are even articles on how to cut your most basic of needs cost like groceries and your car insurance.
  2. Credit Karma:   I can’t even stress this enough.  You need to know your credit score.  You need to check it to make sure that there aren’t any errors.  You need to know if there is any money in your name in the state.  And its never been easier.  Credit Karma is free and on your phone.  You have to download it.  Sit down in your favorite coffee shop and write down what your score is, your accounts and what you need to pay off in collections.  Make a goal to do this once every 3-6 months and up your score.
  3. Qapital: My new favorite app ever.  Find it hard to save?  Yeah me too.  I have a goal to set aside from every pay check but with everything that always inevitably pops up, it can be hard.  Qapital makes that brainless.  You can set aside money from each deposit or you can set “rules”. There is a round up rule that puts aside your spar change, one that will make it so that every time you shop at your fav places (or amazon) it will put money away, one that will even put a set amount of money away when weather occurrences happen (Rain, snow, ect).  Set multiple goals for things like a specific purchase (Cough new Garmin), a vacation, or just general savings.  You can apply different rules for different goals and savings becomes a lot easier and a lot more automated.

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