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Meditation Made Simple

I have been contemplating long and hard how to review something that is really this important to me for the past few days before sharing.  As I type this, it is National Mental Health Day so I really couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to do it.

Head Space is a great app that I found a few years ago but really haven’t had much of a chance to get into.  I normally consider my meditation in running and yes, I often do find a sort of meditative state in the grind but HeadSpace provides something so much different and something that I really do need.  With all of the stress I have had over the past year, mediation is something that settles me, helps me sleep better and helps me work through issues that I might not have been able to get over without some guidance.  I think that it is actually something that most people need, even if they do not know it.

Mediation is rooted in ancient tradition but also modern science and in a world where we are taught that it’s better to be busy and stressed then calm and collected, it is something that has never been needed more.  Learning how to not check your phone for ten minutes is hard enough without meditation after all.  If you think that meditation is easy and that you dont need the practice, just try sitting still for five to ten minutes.

Why Meditate in General?

We live in such a go go go world that sometimes we forget what its like just to sit with ourselves.  Meditation has been shown to decrease stress, boost compassion, increase productivity and increase focus.  Why wouldn’t you spend five minutes a day on something that could do all of that?

So What is HeadSpace?

Head Space is an app that teaches you how to meditate and visualize.  Guided meditation starts with a Basics pack that will get you started with ten easy sessions that range from three minutes to ten minutes (You pick; three, five or ten).  It is committed to teaching a solid foundation to build on for its users.

Why HeadSpace Over All the Other Mediation Apps Out There?

According to their website, Head Space partners with various institutions and clinical trails to mix science with this ancient art and truly understand what is working at what isn’t.  Some of these Include NYU and The University of Southern California.  You can read all about the studies, the doctors that work there and everything else about their trails on their website.  But I am here to tell you why I use it:

The range of mediations is amazing.  You have the basics packs with ten sessions at least in each one that will teach you the basics of mediation which are super helpful.  Small animations that last about a minute each will explain to you the point of each mediation.  There are also one-minute quick breathing exercises and body scans for when you are having a particularly stressful day.  Aside from those, there are some really helpful packs that focus on a variety of topics.  I particularly like the sports pack that has ten session topics like motivation, concentration, training, competition, communication, analysis, recovery and rehab.  Not a sports person? There are packs for students, packs for work and performance, Health packs on managing anxiety and stress, packs on dealing with change, with happiness, with self-esteem….you get the idea.

Over All?

The basics are free.  There is a monthly subscription that costs 12.99 a month but honestly, its a way better investment then Netflix when 90 percent of the people that I talk to these days struggle with anxiety and dealing with their emotions.

I would highly recommend this app and this practice to anyone.

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