75 Ways to be Elegant

Elegance and class don’t depend solely on how much money you have to flash around or if you are wearing a designer or not.  Here are a bunch of ways to be elegant and show class without costing you a dime!

  1. Practice good posture
  2. Send thank you notes
  3. Keep your voice soft
  4. Wear Solid colors
  5. Listen without speaking
  6. Study Arts and Culture independently
  7. Ignore fads or use them sparingly
  8. Have a favorite wine
  9. Only wear 2-3 accessories and wear the same ones often
  10.  Maintain a budget
  11. Read
  12. Do not show anger/ restrain yourself
  13. Learn the art of conversation
  14. Learn to dance
  15. Learn how to wear a scarf
  16. Practice quality over quantity
  17. Remember birthdays (And send cards)
  18. Wear a dress or suit more often
  19. Prioritize your time
  20. Open the door for ladies/ Let him open doors for you
  21. Remember that it is more important to be kind than to be right
  22. Simplify your home, the life, and your calendar
  23. Serve coffee or tea after meals
  24. Dress to travel
  25. Travel often
  26. Arrive on time
  27. Don’t complain
  28. Keep your home clean and uncluttered
  29. Learn how to host a small dinner party
  30. Say please and thank you
  31. Have one main color scheme in everything with a solid color base
  32. Learn how to tie a tie or bowtie (Even if you’re a woman)
  33. Dress appropriately for events
  34. Don’t point out others mistakes unless you have to
  35. If you have to be a lady or a gentleman or lady about it
  36. Wear lovely hats
  37. Sip your drinks
  38. Learn how to open a bottle of champaign
  39. Chew each bite 20 times
  40. Don’t swear
  41. Wait your turn patiently
  42. Be confident quietly
  43. Do not brush off compliments, accept them graciously
  44. Give genuine compliments
  45. Don’t boast
  46. Keep your nails well groomed, manicured
  47. Keep your clothing well maintained
  48. Keep fresh flowers in your home
  49. Write letters to those you love over sending emails
  50. Keep up with an address book
  51. Be respectful of others opinions
  52. Remember that money does not equal elegance, nor is it necessary to be elegant
  53. Wear well-fitting clothing
  54. Wear less makeup
  55. Learn how to politely say no
  56. Be concerned with making others feel comfortable
  57. Maintain good health
  58. Turn your phone off at dinner.  Do NOT have it on the table
  59. Always bring a gift to your host/ hostess
  60. Think before you speak.  Stop yourself if nothing good will come of it.
  61. Apologize quickly and sincerely
  62. Tie a scarf to your handbag
  63. Take a clutch in the evening
  64. Only wear sneakers to exercise
  65. Spray lavender on your sheets
  66. Know whats going on in your community and what is going on in current events
  67. Do not honk your horn
  68. Overuse empathy
  69. Light candles in your home
  70. Go for walks with your family, spouse or dog
  71. Do small favors for others without expecting them in return
  72. Take the time to listen to others, especially children
  73. Take responsibility for your own actions and happiness
  74. Keep a journal
  75. Savor moments.

3 thoughts on “75 Ways to be Elegant

  1. Hello there!

    This was such an amazing read. I am that weird person who likes to set small goals all the time and I am going to make it a goal of mind to try at least one of these a day. I do have a question though, what did you mean by “don’t boast?”

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! I’m so glad you liked it. By don’t boast, I mean don’t brag. There is a difference in between having confidence and boasting.


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