Types of Cross Training For Runners

I love my running, sometimes a little bit too much.  If I could run for every workout, I probably would.  But the truth is that I can’t and I shouldn’t.  Over the past few decades running and science behind running has really evolved.  Pretty much gone are the days where we just thought that runners had to be long-legged, zero body weight and zero body fatted gazelles.  We now know that to be a successful runner, cross training and working on other sport and muscle groups.

Rules For Cross Training:

  1. Find cross training that will benefit your running practice.  There is nothing worse than doing cross training and then the next day being too sore to run.  Consider Low impact activities.
  2. If you are injury prone, consider upping your strength training.  According to Runners World, you can swap out up to 25% of your mileage.  Think of it this way.  The fewer injuries you have, the more and longer you can run.
  3. Carve out specific cross training days into your training plan.

Types of Cross Training to Consider

Strength Training:  Weights are so good including squats, deadlifts, and calf raise.  Working the warms is always good.  But make sure you don’t forget these three to help your glutes, hips, and knees.

Walking/ Hiking:  It might not have the same cardiovascular effect as running but walking is the same muscles as running with so much less of the impact.

Core Training:  Do I really need to tell you how important core work is?  Pilates, yoga, planks, balancing stances, all of these are important to your running form and will help you build up speed.

Swimming: Zero impact, helps you remember how to breathe and works your core?  Count me in!

Yoga:  Yoga can be used for stretching and relaxing like the gently Yoga I talked about in the article about different types of yoga.  Or it can be a full body resistance work out.  Just make sure you pick the right yoga for you!.

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