Basics of Skin Care

Skincare is so important.  And because it is so important we are bombarded with thousands of products to use on it.  But the truth is that the basics of skin care are very easy and very much something that you need to build into your daily habits as an adult.  Sorting through the products is a drag and can take years to find something that you like.

My Skin Care Story

For me, it was even harder.  My family is very much a function (and cost) over form kind of people when it comes to image and because of that I never really learned why it was important to take care of my appearance, or my skin.   By the time I hit the end of elementary school I was not only “Blessed” with big boobs but with an amount of acne that should have waited until my teenage years.  We tried everything, every product, went to a dermatologist that put me on pills (And birth control which I am still very convinced messed me up), and every specialty cream on the market.  The one thing that I didn’t try was learning why my skin is so important and why the skin on my fac

e is so much different than the skin on the rest of my body.  It wasn’t until I went off to college and was rooming with a bunch of other girls that I really learned how to take care of my skin.

Find Products that Work For You

What works for your mother, sisters, roommates, whoever may not work for you.  But rules that we can all stick to is to find a few basic products as close to natural as we can.  I really like Lush and it very much works for me but there are also products like Bioclarity and Folitian but the truth is that there are many products now that label themselves as natural.

Infographics are visual representations of data, making complex info easier to share and digest. When making your own, simply organize your images, charts, and text. Finally, cite your s

The rule of thumb is this: The Less Ingredients, The Better.  Better for you, better for animals, better for the planet.

If you are unsure you can always use the Think Dirty App.  Also, check out my post about what ingredients to avoid in beauty products.

Now I know that some of these might seem like a good chunk of change, but they tend to last a very long time compared to cheaper products.  Think of it this way:

For our amazing daughter,

Basic Skin Care Routine

But I’m not here to lecture you about natural skin care (At least, not today).  No this is about creating a skincare routine.

Morning Routine: 



Moisturizer/ Eye cream

Sun Screen

Nightly Routine: 

Make Up Remover


Night time Moisturizer (Or same as day)



Face Mask

Habits That Will Help Your Skin:

There are also habits that you can take part in that really will help your skin stay healthy.  They are simple but we often forget them

  • Clean your make up brushes once a month (At least)
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin elastic
  • Avoid hot showers and water
  • Take your vitamins and Biotin
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Only exfoliate once a week




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