45 Songs to Add to Your Running Playlist Right Now

Its no secret that the right music can turn your trudging through hell run into making you imagine that you are on the road to Athens with Pheidippides.  But while I’m not an advocate of running with music all the time (You never know when your headphones are going to get waterlogged in the middle of a race; aka my first half marathon), I understand the power that music can have over a repetitive road run.

But while pump up music sounds great, it’s not always the best thing to have on all the time.  A slow progression is just as important in your music as it is in your runs.  You don’t want to break out all at once at the beginning, raising your heart rate too quickly.  Music can play a huge role in it, so it might be best to skip the Thunderstruck at the starting line.  The wrong songs can throw off your pace, block out your surroundings that let’s be real, in a race you paid a lot of money for,

Here are some of my favorite songs for each stage of my run.  I have a very varied taste in music so there should really be something in here for everyone!

Warm up/ Cool down songs

  1. We’re Going Home- Vance Joy
  2. Take it All Back- Judah and the Lion
  3. Mirror Maru- Cashmere Cat
  4. Like a River Runs- Bleachers
  5. Swim Until You Cant See Land- Frightened Rabbit
  6. Him and I- G-easy, Halsey
  7. URA Fever- The Kills
  8. Suit and Jacket- Judah and the Lion
  9. American Money- BORNS
  10. Praying- Kesha
  11. Location- Khalid
  12. Down- Marian Hill
  13. Way Down We Go- Kaleo
  14. Gensis- Armors
  15. Cridge- Matt Maeson

Amp up

  1. White Flag- Bishop Briggs
  2. Now or Never- Halsey
  3. Chocolate- 1975
  4. 1234- Feist
  5. Run- Delta Rae
  6. Glorious- Macklemore
  7. No Roots- Alice Merton
  8. Hunger- Florence and the Machine
  9. Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons
  10. River- Bishop Briggs
  11. The Greatest- Sia
  12. Thunder- Imagine Dragons
  13. The Warrior- Scandal
  14. Fire- Barnes Courtney
  15. Low Lays the Devil- The Veils


  1. Do it Like This- Daphne Willis
  2. Fortunate Son- Cleedence Clearwater Revival
  3. It Aint My Fault- Brothers Osborne
  4. I Like It- Carlie B
  5. Kick Some Ass- Stroke 9
  6. One Foot- Walk the Moon
  7. Lash Out- Alice Merton
  8. Catch Us If You Can- Elle King
  9. Green Light- Lorde
  10. Running Down a Dream- Tom Petty
  11. All the Lights- Kanye
  12. Daddy’s Little Defect- Sugarcult
  13. American Girl- Tom Petty
  14. Kanyes In My Head- Boy Epic
  15. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back- Shawn Mendes


When in doubt, remember that Runners World has its own playlists and podcasts that you can look up every month and sometimes, even specific holiday playlists.

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