Things Not to Say To Someone In Training For a Marathon

Training is HARD. But its even harder when you have to deal with dumb questions and statements.

Here are some great things to NOT say to someone in Marathon training:

  1. “I ran a 5k marathon once.” Okay, so I’m glad you got out and ran a 5k. Not easy by most peoples standards. But running 3.1 miles and running 26.2 is a totally different thing. I once even had a guy tell me that he ran it so hard and so fast that his bowel movement after had blood in it. No, it didn’t. You sir, are the one full of shit.
  2. “But your knees!” Or really any other medical advice. Unless you are my doctor, I didn’t ask you. Moreover, just because I’m wrapping my knee, have a sore day, or need to use an ice pack or a heating pad does not mean I need physical therapy or should stop. A general rule of thumb, really for life and not just marathons, unless you are a doctor, DO NOT give people medical advice.
  3. “Ew why? I would never do that!” Because I can. Did I ask you if you wanted to? Okay good.
  4. “You don’t look like a marathon runner.” Go to the finish line of a marathon. It will completely change your perception of what a marathon runner looks like.
  5. “I can’t believe YOU’RE running a marathon.” Ummm, excuse you? Why is that Ms./Mr. Judgey? Is it because I’m four foot eleven inches?
  6. “I only run if something is chasing me.” “Run Forest RUN!” Oh my god you are so original and no other person has ever said that to me ever! So clever. Here, let me give you my metal!
  7. “I would do that if I had time.” If you wanted to you would make time. I do not have anything less than you going on. I work, I write, and I have a family. People are CEO’s and do this. Set a goal and stick to it. But it’s not that you don’t have time.
  8. “You ran in the rain?!” Yes, I did. And I didn’t melt. Or die. If I’m in training I am going to get that work out done. And if it rains on race day, I’ll run that too!
  9. “There are easier ways to lose weight.” Well luckily Susan, from the next cubicle, I’m not doing it to lose weight. Not. The. Point. People don’t just run to lose weight. That’s not the point of running. In fact, statistically people in training for a marathon actually gain weight during marathon season.

And My All-Time Favorite!

10. “You have nice feet.” …I have actually had multiple people message me on various social media platforms about my feet. Let me tell you about my feet. They are tough. They are size 6.5 going on tough as nails blistered. They stink after a workout. One is or soon will be missing at least one toenail.

I will call you daddy but please don’t make me take my socks off.


What are some of the things that people have said or that you have heard about running or why you’re in training? Share with us in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Things Not to Say To Someone In Training For a Marathon

    1. You’re lucky! I’m guessing you haven’t had people asking for pictures of your feet when your toe nails are black though. It’s in December. Thanks for the comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have been really lucky in that I’ve never loss a toe . . . *knocks on wood* At first, those comments/questions used to annoy me. I guess that I have gotten used to them over the past few years.

        Keep up the good work!


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