Using Social Media In A Positive Way

Oh, the dreaded social media.  We all hear such fearful stories about it.  We hear about how it can crush a person self-esteem.  But the truth is that we are all going to use it.  If you didn’t know Facebook owns Instagram and yes people can screen grab off Snap Chat.  The key is to use it in a positive way.  Most of all with people going into school again next month.  But in general, these are good rules to follow.

Rule One: Realize that Social Media is Not Reality

This is the golden rule of social media.  It’s easy….yet oh so hard to remember.  There is a great book about it called “What Made Maddy Run” (trigger warning: is about suicide) that goes in depth about the effects that social media has and that even ass smart, intellectual people, we can sometimes forget that people only post their best moments.  They don’t post the boring moments, the fights with their significant others, or the dirty diapers or explosive diarrhea that their Instagram/ facebook worthy baby spewed across the room like a little demon.  Th moment you start to forget this and compare yourself and your life with others, it might be time to take a break.

Rule Two: Clean Out Your Follows

Harsh?  Maybe.  But we all have that one childhood friend that posts all of her/ his negative shit and political views everywhere…including on your own comments section.  Luckily Facebook at least gives you the option to block or mute.  I know I’ve had to with some people that post things that make me angry.  That and you can always talk to them (weird I know!) about maybe not putting things into your comments.  When push comes to shove though people can put whatever they want on their feeds and you know what?  You cant change their minds.  So your only reason might just be to cut it out.  If it brings you down, cut it out.  Simple as that.

Rule Three: Be Intentional

We have 168 hours in a week.  40 of them we spend working (Typically) and if we sleep 8 hours a night, another 56 go to catching those ZZZ’s.  That leaves 72 hours of “free” time.  Now some people have second jobs or have to haul kids around, ect.  But all and all its 72 hours that we aren’t working or sleeping.  Do you really want to use that time scrolling aimlessly through your feed?  Avoid the discover function on Instagram and watch out for mindless scrolling.  Its a waste of time and energy.  If those sort of things are entertainment for you, make sure that you have all of the stuff you have to do done first (Work, work out, reading, ect).  These sites have people that are employed to study what gets you hooked unconsciously.  Don’t think that you can beat them and only be on for five minutes.

 Rule Four: Fill it With Inspiration

One of the things that I told my running partners that I made drink the koolaide, was that if it doesn’t inspire you, it has no business being in your feed.  Mine is filled with running and work out inspiration, people that inspire me like friends I have in the peace corps, fellow runners, bullet journaling stuff, ect.  Things you see should lift you up, make you smile, inspire you to be the best version of yourself.  Not make you feel bad about your life or your body.  Simple as that.


What rules do you have for social media?  What people/ sites inspire you?

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