Review: Hungry Root Meal Deleivery

CHECK OUT THIS PRODUCT AT WWW.ETSY.COMSHOPECOSHAG (2)There are so many options out there for meal delivery services.  For people that are busy or just want to try something new, they are a good option to pad or give your diet a nice base.  When doing the Whole 30 last months I found that I was sensitive to gluten (As most of us are.  Not saying go gluten-free, just pay attention to how your body feels).  I really saw a huge change but most of my diet contains heavy carbs and it was hard to figure out how to cook without them.  Plus, I am just not a huge fan of meat so the Whole 30 itself was a bit much for me.

I decided to try the meal delivery service Hungry Root during my training to make sure I had easy, nutrient dense meals at my fingertips during training.  They tot a plant-centric, nutrient-dense and clean ingredient foods done in under 10 minutes.

Here’s what I found:

Its a bit weird when it is delivered.  In my area, its Mondays and Wednesdays and my box got here around 11 am.  Okay fine but it is July.  They had the ice packs and all in there and luckily my mom was able to move it inside as she was home waiting for a repairman.  But for the most part, that’s probably not the best time/ temp to leave it out there.  There were two giant ice blocks in it which helped but there was a lot of packaging for a Vegan meal delivery service considering so many vegans are environmentally conscious.

The package I got had 5 meals in it with two servings each.  They were very good and super tasty.  I was able to pick out the ones that I wanted before it was delivered so I made sure to make sure most of them were main meals (As I find it silly to get an over night oats cup and that price point).  They have some deserts too but I am more into savory than sweet.  I really liked them.  My one point out is that 2 recipes (4 servings) only came with enough for one recipe (2 servings).  It’s not a huge deal and I can run out and get sweet potato spirals from the store.   They also send you the little recipe book for the month so if you want to duplicate the recipes later on at the grocery store you can.


  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Cost Efficient
  • Tasty
  • Fast


  • Lots of packaging
  • Not enough food for the recipes
  • Strick Delivery Schedule
  • Limited options

All and all if you are looking for a way to pad your diet or give you some simple meals for, throughout the week, I would recommend this service.  With the ten meals, I got I went a little over a week.

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