Things to Have in Your Bathroom That You Probably Forgot About

We all know the basics of what to have in the bathroom, which might be one of the most important and telling spaces for an adult.  It might sound 90’s sitcom-like but when I go into someone’s house I tend to snoop around their bathrooms and see what it can tell me.  Of course, we all know what “Should” be in a bathroom.  But there are a few things that I have found people don’t have or are in other places that really should be in a bathroom.

Here are some daily essentials that everyone should have.

Moisturizer and Sun Screen: 

I can’t even express how important it is to have Moisturizer and Sun Screen in your bathroom. In fact, I will probably make a post just about skin care soon.  This should be something that you wear every single day and should have easy and immediate excess too.  There shouldn’t be any looking for it.  It should be right in view.  Pictured is also Eye cream and foot cream.  Why?  Because the skin around your eyes is much much thinner then the rest of your face and fighting crows feet is one of those things where you either do it, or there is zero fighting it later.

On that note, if you’re not moisturizing at all or only once in a while, you need to start.  Technically you needed to start in your early 20’s but better late than never.

I’m great about moisturizing but I always forget about sunscreen so having it right there when I open the mirror is important.   I personally use Sun Bum because I like the non-greasy feel of it, the fact that they have post-sun moisturizers, and that they have a zinc and face stick.  When I’m running I tend to burn so these are super important no matter the time of year. Also aren’t they just fun looking?!

Foot cream?  Because I find it to be awesome and I’m a runner.  Put it on before bed or during your self-care time and then pull some fluffy socks over our feet right away.


Water Pik:

Never seen one of these before?  Well, I am super excited to introduce you to him!  We all know about the Basics: toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash.  But the water pik/ water flosser is the best is the best.  There are a bunch of them but I prefer the corded one so that you don’t have to refill the chamber with water mid floss.  Basically, it’s like the machine that your dentist uses to water blast any plaque from in between your teeth and around your gums.


Woven Wash Cloth

These may look old school but a lot can be said for a nice woven wash clothe.  They are softer then the ones you buy at a shop and treat your skin right.  Most of all for those delicate parts of you (Guys and gals).  Make sure you find one that is machine washable from a good vendor that uses 100% cotton.


Say it with me.  Vitamins (x & x)  You need to take your vitamins.  I am very conscious of my intake and even I take a multivitamin and biotin.  I personally go to BJ’s for my Multi and just buy a big old jar of 365 of them so I won’t have to worry about them most of the year.  Biotin I think is one that we forget about a lot even though we are trying to look nice some of the time.  Biotin is awesome, also known by some as the Hair Skin and Nails pill.  It makes your skin more clear and elastic, helps with the strength of your hair and its growth and also really makes your nails strong!  I am personally using this specific one right now because I am trying to grow out my hair.



Think I’m just talking about your face?  Well, I am talking about your face but by now you guys know how I feel about that.  I use a face mask twice a week.  You can buy the bottle of them like this from Ulta or Target so that you’re not buying a little individual packet every time (But sometimes its fun to have the variety.  I also use the Raw Sugar Hair Mask once a week to keep my hair healthy and growing, strong and pretty.  It give it a great shine and body. normally I wet my hair, put the mask on, then put on my face mask, set a timer for 15 minutes and check my notifications or clean my room and then peel the mask off and shower out the hair mask.  I would have spent the time going it anyway!

Positive Affirmations

Strange?  Maybe not.  The bathroom is really where we are looking at ourselves a lot and that Negative self-talk can bubble up when that trouble area is glaring back at you.  I have taken to posting little affirmations to myself everywhere I can, including my bathroom where I see them first thing.  Post it has come up with their extra strength ones that can withstand the condensation so go for something like that.  It doesn’t just have to be able looks either.  It can be about goals or having a good day.  Really anything that lifts you up!


Keep Your Space Clean

Last is probably the most important because oh my god can’t bathrooms be gross?!  Be sure that your space is clean and not just a disgusting mess of product and cut off body hair.  Clean your mirrors, shower, inside of your sink, toilet and counters once a  week at least and make sure that there aren’t any little flyaway hairs anywhere.  Keep your stuff in drawers as much as possible and not out on the counter space, making it cluttered and looking like a hoarders paradise.


How about you guys?  What are some essentials that you think should always bee in your bathroom?

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