A Small Reminder About Love

Sometimes we forget when we get lost in our own problems and our own struggles and pain that there is someone standing right next to us that needs just as much love and support.  It’s just who we are as human beings to forget that we are all having a shared experience of learning and conflict.

Whenever you can, look at the person beside you and support them; give them all of the support, reinforcement, and love that you crave in your most turbulent of moments, without judgment or expectation.  Know that in the long run, the foundation of the human experience is shared and no matter what pain you are feeling, there is someone going through the same or worse endeavor and that it is our job to provide a foundation to those that are both dear and alien to our hearts.  Because in the end, we are all fighting the same battle and all deserve the same selfless show kindness.

But to have that kindness, we must also show it, compassion and love unequivocally.

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