The Ultimate Pen Post

It’s no secret.  We love our pens.  Well, maybe I love my pens.  And I do.  Endlessly.  So in this post, I wanted to go into some of my favorite pens and writing instruments that I just love.  Most of these can be found at your local office supply store while the specialty ones can be found at Micheal.  I actually really highly suggest checking out Amazon for them too seeing as you can normally find them much cheaper (Though sometimes the shipping will make them just as expensive.)


The first one I really wanted to show you all was my oldest running love and that is obviously Stabilo.  I love these pens.  To me, they are perfect for drawing and making Mandalas, color coding in your bullet journal and planner and other crafts.  They really aren’t all that expensive which is nice and they give you a wide variety of options to work with along with a lot of color palates.  The Cons?  They are felt tip so unlike their biggest competitor Staedler (which is also a great choice), you really can’t press too hard or they will break/ split.


Another old love of mind are these lovely disposable Varsity Fountain Pens.  Sadly I can not find these in stores anymore and need to order them online.  I love taking notes with these and writing with them.  There is just something about a fountain pen that makes you feel wonderful when you are writing.  Not to mention that they have a nice steady ink flow and don’t clump or stop.  The Cons?   These are fountain pens and the ink tends to bleed.

collageAhhhh Micron.  Is there anything really bad that I can say about Micron?  These are the finest, smallest fine liners that I can find.  As you can see they come in sets too, which I love.  In this set, there is a .01, .05, Graphic and a Brush.  I love having the option to use all of these and they are perfect for bullet journaling.  There’s very little bleed through which is always my main concern in that area.  The Cons? They are pricey, 13 dollars and up.  Sadly that’s just the in and out of it.

2015-12-1316.57.10.jpgOther things that I always have are pretty standard.  From the left to right I have first my little magnetic bookmarks.  I got these from Barnes and Noble and mine (Though this is glaring, sorry) have little coffee cups with positive affirmations.  I use them in books but also to hold pages within my month that I have already past, but don’t want to bulk up with binder clips.  Next is an exacto knife.  Sometimes scissors are just not accurate enough.  A sharpie.  My mini ruler that I can carry in my pencil case.  Highlighters, and some pretty binder clips.  You can find pretty ones everywhere including in the office supply section of Target.

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Happy Journaling!

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