Ways to Destress & Live a Less Hectric Life

Life is hectic!  From work to training to family, its hard to know how to keep it all going and still maintain an ounce of sanity.  Destressing actually sounds even more hectic and like even more work to add onto the ever growing pile!

But here are some easy tips to help you de-stress your life!

1. Declutter Your Space

There is nothing like a clear space to help your mind.  For me, I know that I’m a minimalist.  I like clean lines and not a lot of pops of bright color.  More than that I hate having a billion things on my desk or in my space, taking up my attention and making my mind wander to other things that I have to do.  My philosophy is that everything has a space and a purpose.  Training your brain to work in respective spaces is just as important as training your mind to sleep in your bed.

Decluttering your space can mean your desk, your drawers or your closet.   Make sure to do a monthly cleanout or your spaces and you will be thankful for it and relieved.

2. Only Work When You’re Most Productive

I am super guilty of this.  I work even when I shouldn’t.  I try to write and edit when I’m not all there because I know that it needs to be done.  But sometimes I will find myself scrolling through pages when I should be doing a line by line edit.  It’s not what I should do but we all try to do it.  Find out when you are most productive.  Is it in the morning or at night?  It’s probably not after a long shift.

3. Learn to Take Everything One Step At a Time

For a long time, we have been told that we need to multitask.  But lately, people are finally acknowledging that when we are trying to do multiple things at the same time, we are not able to put our full attention or potential into one.  Learn the art of single-tasking and you will be amazed how much stress is taken off you.

Likewise, this also helps with reaching goals.  Some of our goals can seem daunting.  Losing weight, running a marathon, buying a house, repairing our credit.  All of these things seem like a huge chunk.  It is much easier to learn how to do them one step at a time.  Focus just on getting to that one first step, then the other, then the next.  The next thing you know you are closer to that big goal you set with a lot less stress.

4. Spend Time Outside

It is no secret that we spend way too much time inside.  Most of us have jobs that make us sit at desks for most of the day but deep down, most of us want to be outside.  And if we don’t consciously want to, our insides really do.  Being outside is not only good for your physical body, but for your mental health as well.  It’s as simple as going outside for a 30-minute walk or sitting in the park while you eat your lunch on your break.

5. Exercise Each Day

Endorphins Endorphins Endorphins!  I cant even begin to tell you why working out is so important.  I personally train hard as it is my major hobby as well but you dont need to be as extensive as I do.  You should, however, break a sweat.  Pilates, weightlifting, powerlifting, running, walking, yoga, swimming: they are all good choices.

Exercising will make you feel better, will keep you productive and reduce stress and one that we often forget it that it will make you sleep better!

6. Make Sleep a Priority

Remember all those stories that your mom tells you about how when you were little they couldn’t get you down for naps?  Well, as an adult I totally miss naps and think that Adult Nap Time should be a legitimate thing.  So should bedtime.  I personally try to go to bed by ten pm every night.  It gives me plenty of time to get all the sleep that I need so that I can wake up like a grown up.  That way I can use everything else in my tool kit to be productive.

As a manager I can honestly tell you, I have zero sympathy when I know that employees are tired because most of the time, when I ask why they tell me they were up late or out late.  You know what you have to do in the morning.  You know when you have to be at work/ class.  So as an adult it’s up to you to tell yourself when you have to go to bed.

7. Develop A Nightly Routine

A nightly routine consists of two parts.  The first is the productive part.  Make sure you have all our stuff done and are all ready for the next day.  Lay out your clothing.  Pack your lunch for the next day.  Make sure that everything is laid out and ready to go.

The Next part is all about winding down and relaxing.  I make this the second part because it makes me ready. If I know that everything I have to do is done, I calm down much easier. Good Sleep Hygiene is so important and you can find so many nightly routines from productive people.

Finding the cues that work for you is a game that you have to experiment with but a few good ones are:  A glass of Herbal Tea, having some none screen time (reading ect.) moisturizing everything, keeping my room darkened so my body starts to realize its time for bed.  I also don’t linger in my bed.  I read and write in an armchair in my room and then move to bed to sleep.  This has trained m mind and body to actually go to sleep in my bed.

8. Schedule Rest/ Leisure Time

Its not something that you would think that you have to schedule right?  But sadly most of us are so concerned with getting everything else into our schedule that self care time falls to the side.  This is something that you have to schedule for yourself (Most of all if you have kids).  Actually putting it into your schedule makes it an appointment and it also gives you the ability to say no like we talked about if you have written it down.

9. Make A Schedule

Sometimes its hard for us to get into the habit of this.  Not me so much because I love my bullet journal.  But I know that people have a hard time with planners and getting everything in their lives organized.  We think of a planner as just one more thing that we need to take care of.  But in truth, taking that time really can change everything.  It is a chance for us to make sure that we fit in everything we have already talked about in this post (Exercise, sleep, leisure time) along with everything else like work and house tasks.

My advice it to make it part of your “Me” time.  Grab a cup of tea (Or a class of wine) for 30 minutes at the end of every week at map out your next one. Make sure you include work, family events, work outs, fun time, dates, ect.

10. Say No More Often

I have a really hard time saying no.  Whether it’s saying no to an extra shift at work or saying no to an activity I might not actually want to do.  It’s good to get out o your comfort zone yes, but if you don’t want to do something, don’t have the time or are already overwhelmed with other projects, learn how to say no.  It doesn’t have to be mean but normally explaining to your friends that you have an early meeting the next morning or your boss that you already have things you need to take care of on a day that was scheduled off, wont make them feel like they are being blown off.  I personally am an introvert and going out to crowded places makes me very anxious and is something that I can only take once or twice a week (max).  Learning how to say no before an event or a big race is very important to my mental health.

When you learn how to say no to things (politely), your schedule will open up and your stress will drain out, leaving you more capable of the things that you want to do.

11. Stop Documenting and Start Enjoying

Oh the social media rabbit hole.  We all have heard so much about it.  We hear about how we waist too much time looking at it and how it can distort our views on life and our body image.  But what we dont hear as much about is how it can take us out of the moment.  Stop documenting everything you do!  Focus on what you’re actually doing and the people you’re with instead of the number of likes that your selfie at it might get.  Being locked into posting our lives take us out of those super special moments.  Try zoning in on them instead.


What are some of your favorite destressing ideas, routines or techniques?


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