Engagement: Why You Need to Know More About the World Then What Happened on the Walking Dead Last Night

While we all want to know what happened on last nights show (even if that wasn’t TWD) but honestly, that sort of stuff is stuff that you talk about with your friends.   It’s important to remember that that side of you is not the part of you that most of the world sees.  You are an onion.  A precious adorkable onion.  But most people are only going to see your outermost layer.  And they should.  Your boss doesn’t need to know about your obsession with a villain just like they don’t need to know about those sweatpants you’ve had since college that have a hole in the crotch.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should run around your office telling people your political views, but it is our responsibility to know about the world around you.  This is just what Adults do, and should do as functional members of society.

Make Sure Your Registered.

This is an easy one.  Make sure your voter’s registration is up to date.  Whenever you move and change your address the US Post Office Site will ask you about this.  It’s important to be registered where you want to vote.  If you’re in school or out of the district that you want to vote in, make sure you know how to file an absentee ballot.  If you’re not sure where you are registered to vote, you can Check Here.

Brush Up on our Civics

You don’t need to know whats happening all the time or know who the prime minister of every country is, but you should know what NATO stands for, what the Electoral College does and how a bill becomes a law.  Basically, everything that you learned in high school government.  For those of you that might have forgotten it (Or like me in the Texas Educational System BARELY had it in school.) Civics 101 is a great Podcast that will give you a quick review of everything from what the White House Chief of Staff does to what the hell GerryMandering Actually is.

Take 10 Minutes

Speaking of Podcasts, they lead right up into this next section and that is taking ten minutes to actually brush up on the news every morning.  You dont need to know what exactly is happening everywhere but you should know the basics of the morning news.  I find Podcasts are a great way to do this.  Find a few podcasts that you like (I suggest NPR, BBC and CNN for starters) and put them on in the morning as you brush your teeth, put on your makeup or get dressed.  If you have an Amazon device or a Google Smart Home Device you can ask them for a flash briefing and they will  give you the basics.

Form Your Own Opinions

Part of being an adult is being able to listen to things that you might not agree with.  I personally think that there is a very special place in hell for the people on Fox and Friends where they are forced to listen to Stevie Nicks and Buffalo Springsteen and all the other hippies that I adore on repeat for eternity.  But once in a while, I make sure to flip them on because getting multiple sides of an issue, even if you dont agree with it, its important to get all the perspective.  Get your information from many different people, and information.  Dont be someone that just spits out facts they heard someone else saying.  If you are going to talk about an issue, take the time to educate yourself on multiple phasets of it.  Better yet, listen to other peoples opinions.

Dont Be All Talk

Changing the world and the community takes less then you think.  Volunteering is easy and everyone is always looking for volenteers.  My mother works for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen and for years I worked in nonprofits.  It can do the community a lot o good to volunteer and honestly, getting out of your own head and realizing that you aren’t the center of the universe and that there are other people out there that are dealing with way more then you can do you alot of good.

Consider calling your congressperson if you have a strong opinion on something.  They really do listen to those calls and take them seriously when making decisions.   Hell most people dont even know who their congressperson is!

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